Happy 2nd Birthday Boy, A Letter To Finn

Happy 2nd Birthday Boy by Alabama Mommy + Lifestyle blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

Happy 2nd Birthday Boy by Alabama Mommy + Lifestyle blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

Happy 2nd Birthday Boy by Alabama Mommy + Lifestyle blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

Happy 2nd Birthday Boy by Alabama Mommy + Lifestyle blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

Happy 2nd Birthday Boy by Alabama Mommy + Lifestyle blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

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Dear Finn,

I’m sorry but WHAT?! You are two years old already, my sweet baby?! How can that be? The song, “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift is playing right now and I have all the mommy feels. Finn, you crack me up because you are SUCH a ham. You are always making crazy excited faces… wonder where you get that from?! 😉 But then when Miss Magen comes over to take our professional pictures you suddenly become the most stoic angry faced baby. What’s that about, mister?! 

You are always trying to exert your will and get your way. What a reminder of our natural tendencies, huh? We are currently working on “no fussies” and I’ll ask you, “No more fussies, do you understand?” to which you’ll shake your head one over-exaggerated time that- yes, you do. Unless you’re being a real stinker, and shake your head no at me. Eek! I’m in for it with you, Finnster!

Your current favorite thing to holler out is, “Chaaaaa-Chooooooeee” hoping that we’ll take you to go see Poncho the horse. It’s the cutest thing ever. You are super into whatever Leyton is doing. On a daily basis, you want to be breaking all the things on his train table, busting in his room or baby-zilla-ing his magnatiles, much to his chagrin.

You have no fear. If we don’t keep a close eye on you, you’ll throw your body with reckless abandon all over the couch or bed with no regard to how close you are to the edge of the couch or bed. We call you our “tired tornado” as you throw your body around. You also climb up on top of your rocker lion and try to balance. The definition of “all boy” could not be more true for you. 

You love going “OU-SIDE” to scoot down the big hill in our back yard on your booty, to splash in the water table, or listen for the “cheep cheeps” from birds or the “choo choo” sounds. Common phrases I hear from you are “issss stuck” for it’s stuck, “ish” for the fish at Mrs. Linday’s house, and “BYEEEEE” so loud and southern like you’re a little celebrity leaving Burn Bootcamp.

You have lots of GUSTO for life, food, and entertainment. I LOVE to watch your personality developing especially in these past few months. Finn, Mrs. Lindsay and I joke that you have so many little girlfriends at Burn. You think everyone there is your best friend and that everyone at the store, church, or wherever we are wants to say, “Hi” and “Byyyyyye” to you! You and I have so many memories hanging in the car after dropping off your brother at mother’s day out. These memories consist of hanging in the car and singing, dancing, and you scaring half the parking lot with honks, windshield wipers going off, and all the things, ha!

It’s wild to look back at this time last year when you were just starting to try to walk and now you full-on run. You’ve had multiple big boy hair cuts this year (1 at home in quarantine) and two out. You also can say so many more words now and are even starting to try to put a few words together… it blows my mind! Some of the first words you learned to say were actually “Anna” and “Elsa” from the movie Frozen. Ha! 

Your face down below on the left where you hold your breath and suck in while gritting your teeth cracks us up. You LOVED doing that and laughing all year long with us. 

You are always covered in bumps, scrapes, and bruises it seems as you fumble in your toddler manner all over the place. I love that you are brave around the ocean and that you love to play in the sand when at this age Leyton would have none of that. You two couldn’t be any more different already. Although you are not as timid or conscientious as your brother, you both love us big and love each other and I am so stinking proud to be a mommy to both of you!  

Your joy, laugh and zest for life are contagious. I hope you always dream big and do it big, little boy. Your mommy is so proud of you. I love it when I put you to bed and get to rock you in your chair extra long. You seldom slow down but in those sweet slow moments, you rest your head on my shoulder, settle in, suck your thumb, and lay with your black and white blanket.

My heart is full and grateful. I pray that you come to know the Lord and that He uses your vivacious personality to win others over to know Him and that your light shines so bright and big. You are a JOY!



Favorite Phrases/Things From This Year:

  • Cha-Cho the horse
  • Big overexaggerated kisses as of late
  • Trying to say Ohhhhh Toooooodles from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Playing in the backyard/up the hill a lot
  • Going to the “poo” pool
  • Ewwwwie! about stinky diaper changes 
  • “Shewwwws” – always putting on mommy or daddy or anyone’s shoes you can find, typically only 1 of your own shoes for some reason
  • Isssss HOT!
  • Trash Panda (what daddy affectionately calls you because you’re always scoping out the trash can)
  • Always emptying the stackadoos bucket to walk around with it on his head

Finn’s Stats:

Weight: 27 lbs
Height: 32.5” tall

Finn’s Second Year Video:

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Happy 2nd Birthday Boy by Alabama Mommy + Lifestyle blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

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