Baby Finn is 8 Months Old!

Finn 8 months old baby update and baby milestones

Finn 8 months old baby milestones by month

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Dear Finny Finnster,

Wow, I just went back and read Leyton’s 8 months old update and the similarities in your profile views and some of the things you are doing are INSANE! It sounds like Leyton was about to take off crawling at this age too and you are RIGHT THERE. It is pretty incredible how you can inch worm or roll around to almost anything you spot on the floor you want to get your little hands on…to of course then put it directly into your mouth.

One of my favorite things you did this month was start shaking your head no because you see your brother and I do it to be silly or make you laugh so now you do it back to make us laugh! It’s SO cute!

8 month old milestone

This was a BIG month for you because you can now sit up unassisted (although I still have to be close by unless you are in your bumbo because with our hardwoods, I see you rolling down to get around and hitting your head on the floor-eek). You also now roll from back to belly and belly to back like it is NOTHING. You pop way up on your hands with elbows off the ground taking everything in and look like you will crawl any day. 

Finn 8 months old baby milestones by month

You took your first long road trip this past weekend for Easter to Indiana to visit Grandma Jo. You truly handled it like a champ. You slept in the car, slept well in your pack ‘n play (side note, this is our FAVORITE pack ‘n play EVER– had since Leyton and it is SO easy to set up, tear down and folds up so small and light) and didn’t even have a blow out once, ha! You saved that for back to back days when we got home…thank you? I guess. Ha!

8 months old baby milestones by month

Your daddy and I loved watching how sweet you were with your Grandma Jo and Dee Dee. Eric got the cutest picture of you touching your Dee Dee’s face in your little sleep sack…just precious! On our drive back down from Indiana, we stopped in to visit our friends the Ivy’s in Nashville so we could all meet baby Harris. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Finn 8 months old baby milestones by month

Your hair is getting a single little long curly Q in it that is so big and round. Your face is slimming out the tiniest bit and you are still LOVING sitting up in your bumbo and boon high chair when you’re not being held, although obviously that’s your first choice. You now don’t want to be in your jumper unless we are right there by you…definitely going through a needy phase. 

We took you to the golf course for the first time this month to eat lunch together as a family and you loved playing in the grass with mommy on the putting green while Leyton and daddy putted around. Another first was swinging in the baby swing at the playground and doing bath tub time with Leyton. We can’t wait to see you in the pool this month, I think you’re gonna love it! 

8 months old baby milestones by month

Baby Finn cuddles are our favorite right now and we love how you still occasionally fall asleep on our shoulders or rub your eyes and cuddle in under our necks. I love holding your for your nighttime feeding or early morning feeding and having your little hand curl around my hair, chest or finger. Your little pudgy hands are SO SWEET.

We love you, Finn Finn and can’t wait to see you become a little shark finn ๐Ÿ˜‰ in the pool this summer!


Finn 8 months

Dress // Earrings

Finn’s 8 Month Old Baby Sleep Schedule: 

7:00/8:00 am – Wakes โ€“ I feed him and put him right back down to bed (Yes, I know this is not what most people do.)

8:40 am – Gets Up and takes brother to MDO on those days, comes home and eats baby food according to Moms On Call Schedule

Then play with toys, some independent play and watches brother run around if he’s home on some days of the week.

10:30/11 โ€“ Feed & Nap time (he currently sleeps in his crib, swaddled with sound machine)

Finn 8 months old baby milestones by month

12:45 – Wakes โ€“ go get brother from MDO

1:30 – Play time with his favorite –The Zany Zoo then Feed – 6 oz bottle or breastfeed

3:00 – Nap

4:30 – (Some days he takes only an hour nap or fights it but on a good day he’ll take a 2 hours nap- we never allow him to sleep more than 2 hours for nap)

5:00 – Wakes & hangs with mommy while I finish up work or play with him in mirror/watch brother from jumper

6:00 – Dinner โ€“ baby food veggies or fruit puree

7:00 – Bathtime (bath in the baby bathtub in kitchen, lather up with Tubby Todd ointment for his eczema and Desitin if needed, PJ’s)

7:45ish – Put him down to sleep awake, swaddled, with the sound machine on, pitch black and all doors shut.

Finn 8 months old baby milestones by month

8 Month Old Favorite Activities + Toys

I get questions every day about Finn’s high chair or bumbo (which he loves to be in so he can be up and a part of the action in), his new jumper, outfits, bottles, double stroller and more. I’ve linked all of it either above in the widget or on this BABY & POSTPARTUM PICKS PAGE!

Finn 8 months old baby milestones by month

8 Month Milestones:

  • You still want to eat after about 3-3.5 hours. You typically eat about half a container of baby food at a time and still love broccoli. 
  • SleepMoms on Call loosely followed still โ€“ more of your schedule is above. You are going to bed around when your brother does now, just a tad after around 8/8:30 usually.
  • Eating: Every 3.5-4 hours except for night timeโ€“ still BFโ€™ing- you love eggs this month! You’ll make the funniest/craziest/disgusted faces when you eat but then still eat it and pop your mouth open for more. You are still nursing and typically eat food from us or baby food a couple of times each day. We need to do it more often though!
  • Strength: You are SO strong and BIG! Your little grip on my hair/earrings or a spoon is NOT to be reckoned with.
  • Loves:  Bath time, chattering, your play mat, being thrown in the air or dancing in the mirror and Skiphop jumper, sleep bags, Mommy tickling you, eating, ha!
  • Clothes: 6-12 months and 9 months
  • Weight: You are down from the 99th percentile in weight to 80th big boy, haha! You weigh about 24 lbs I’d say.
  • Diapers: Size 4

Finn 8 months old baby milestones by month

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  1. April 29, 2019 / 8:55 pm

    How many ounces of milk is he drinking a day? Or are you not sure because itโ€™s not all bottle? Just curious! My daughter is eating me out of house and home!

  2. Susan Mackey
    April 30, 2019 / 9:45 pm

    Baby Finn is so cute – love his expressions!! He is such a good boy – we love our little Finn! Scary how quickly he is moving toward his first birthday!

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