Episode 052: A Balanced Approach To Parenting With Kari Kampakis

Heather Brown from HEALTHY by Heather Brown podcast and My Life Well Loved, shares health & wellness tips for busy moms with Kari Kampakis about taking a balanced approach to parenting.

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Do you ever feel like you’re racing against the clock, juggling motherhood, career, and personal aspirations? Our special guest Kari Kampakis, known for her thought-provoking books “Whose Approval Are You Living For?”, “Love Her Well,” and “More Than a Mom,” is here to share her own journey and wisdom on finding the balance in the midst of the chaos. Having started her writing journey with only 15 minutes a day while raising four daughters, Kari brings a treasure trove of insights to the table.

Kari opens up about her trials and triumphs with parenting, particularly with her strong-willed child. She emphasizes the importance of understanding and affirming your child’s unique personality before attempting correction. We also shed light on the crucial aspects of fostering stronger relationships, teaching healthy body image, and creating a safe space for open dialogue with our children.

We also dive into the topic of prioritizing relationships amidst our busy schedules and the tricky decision of delaying kindergarten. Kari’s personal experiences provide a fresh perspective and valuable guidance. Get ready to rethink your approach to motherhood and be inspired to navigate your parenting journey with renewed wisdom and grace.

In This Episode On A Balanced Approach to Parenting with Kari Kampakis, We Discuss:

  • Kari’s insights on raising children, emphasizing the importance of appreciating and understanding their unique personalities.
  • Her personal experiences and how she learned that connection and affirmation can be more effective than strict correction.
  • The challenge of raising children in a hostile world, and how parents can foster trust-based relationships with their kids.
  • How to instill a healthy body image in children, fostering open dialogues about feelings and concerns.
  • The importance of prioritizing relationships, even amidst a busy schedule, and the benefits of leaving room for self-care.
  • The pros and cons of postponing kindergarten, including the potential impact on test results and childcare expenses.
  • How different children may need to be parented differently, and the need to adapt to their unique needs and personalities.

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