Baby Finn’s 7 Month Old Update


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You can see Leyton’s 7 Month Update  here to see how the two differ and are similar. Their faces sure do favor!!

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Dear Finn,

Time is just flying by my little kickin’ chicken! I don’t know why but I’ve started calling you that without hesitation now when you are kicking on the couch after bath, or in the floor on your play mat. Several of your baby friends around your age are starting to crawl and it’s really freaking me out. I can’t believe we are almost to that point already.

Luckily, I think you are slightly lazy…and who can blame you with that big ‘ol belly to tote around, ha! Or at least that’s what your doctor told us. He said with your great strength you should have no problem doing all these things like rolling to your belly from your back but you just don’t choose to, lol! You also sit up with support but just don’t want to make the effort to sit up and always end up sliding down, rolling over and going back to your back. Good grief, baby boy, I’m trying to help you not have a flat-backed head but you are trying your darndest to keep it that way. LOL.

You already have a wave to your hair! Leyton didn’t get that until he was one, so I’m curious to see how crazy curly your hair will be…probably like your mama’s!

This month you cut your first 2 teeth on the bottom middle, switched over from riding in your car seat in the double bob to upright next to Leyton and slept through the night for the first time without your Dock-A-Tot or Merlin’s magic sleep suit. You wore one of Leyton’s old swaddles because your magic sleep suits were all dirty and handled it like a champ! (Please note if you are reading this it is NOT recommended to sleep in the DAT in their crib.)

You went to your brother’s first singing spring performance at Mother’s Day Out, had your first photo shoot with Scarlet and Gold, mommy and Leyton and

This was probably your fussiest month to date because you have had a stuffy little nose off and on, and got your first two teeth. You couldn’t be put down without throwing a fit and if you weren’t sleeping, you’d let us know you were NOT comfortable. Poor buddy. We are truly spoiled because behind Leyton, you have to be one of the most chill babies ever. You two have us spoiled…which is perhaps why this fussy month threw us so much. 😉

It’s so funny to watch you try foods right now. You want them so bad and have SUCH a strong grip that you’ll grab the spoon from my hand and shove it towards your mouth but then sometimes make nasty faces and spit the food back out but chew on the spoon.

We love you so much baby boy but wish time would slow down so we could soak up even more of these baby moments. It’s hard with a toddler sometimes to do so.



You can see Leyton’s 7 Month Update  here to see how the two differ and are similar. Their faces sure do favor!!

Finn’s 7 Month Old Baby Sleep Schedule: 

7:00 am – Wakes – I feed him and put him right back down to bed (Yes, I know this is not what most people do.)

8:40 am – Gets Up and takes brother to MDO on those days, comes home and eats baby food according to Moms On Call Schedule

Then play with toys, some independent play and watches brother run around if he’s home on some days of the week.

10:30/11 – Feed & Nap time (he currently sleeps in his crib, swaddled with sound machine)

12:45 – Wakes – go get brother from MDO

1:30 – Play time with his favorite –The Zany Zoo then Feed – 6 oz bottle or breastfeed

3:00 – Nap

4:30 – (Some days he takes only an hour nap or fights it but on a good day he’ll take a 2 hours nap- we never allow him to sleep more than 2 hours for nap)

5:00 – Wakes & hangs with mommy while I finish up work or play with him in mirror/watch brother from jumper

6:00 – Dinner – baby food veggies or fruit puree

7:00 – Bathtime (bath in the baby bathtub in kitchen, lather up with Tubby Todd ointment for his eczema and Desitin if needed, PJ’s)

7:45ish – Put him down to sleep awake, swaddled, with the sound machine on, pitch black and all doors shut.

7 Month Milestones

  • SleepMoms on Call loosely followed still – We have for sure fallen behind several time changes and leaps forward but now you are up for 2 hours at a time in between naps. You are going to bed around when your brother does now, just a tad after around 8/8:30 usually.
  • Eating: Every 3.5-4 hours except for night time – still BF’ing
  • Strength: You are SO strong and BIG! Your little grip on my hair or a spoon is NOT to be reckoned with.
  • Loves:  Bath time, chattering, your play mat (you love play time and holding onto your elephant and lion that hang down, your NEW FAVORITE Skiphop jumper, Magic Sleep Suit, Mommy tickling your tummy and neck and chest with my chin/hair kisses.
  • Clothes: 6 months / 6-9 months outfits mostly, I LOVE your Goummi Kids outfit in this post and put you in it every time it’s clean. CODE: HEATHER20Kyte Baby and Gap penguin warm onesie best right now or dressing you in little vests or your bear jackets with the bear ears hoods!
  • Weight: You are down from the 99th percentile in weight to 80th big boy, haha! You weighted 20 lbs 6 oz at your 6 month check up.

7 Month Old Favorite Activities + Toys

I get questions every day about Finn’s high chair or bumbo (which he loves to be in so he can be up and a part of the action in), his new jumper, outfits, bottles, double stroller and more. I’ve linked all of it either above in the widget or on this BABY & POSTPARTUM PICKS PAGE!


7 Month Breastfeeding & Solids Update

As many of you know from following me Tips for Transitioning to Solids post last month, I am continuing to breastfeed Finn, using bottles of pumped milk when necessary, and beginning the journey of trying out new solid foods! This time around has been better compared to my struggles with Leyton. If you too are struggling with breastfeeding, looking to supplement with formula, or have recently adopted, I wanted to share a new formula brand I have recently discovered and am hearing great things about! I know from friends that the struggle to find a good formula is real and I always want to be a helpful resource in your hunt for the best baby products and deals!

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