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Easy Healthy Kid Friendly Lunch Ideas

Easy, Healthy and Kid-Friendly Lunches + Snacks by Life + Style blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

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Can anyone else find it hard to believe that we are already talking about back to school? Where did the summer go?!

I know lots of y’all have kiddos heading to school in some capacity (whether in person or online) and I know many of you will be packing those lunches! Leyton is supposed to go back to Mother’s Day Out next month as well so we are also on the lunch box ideas struggle bus at times. Today, I wanted to share some of the best options for easy, healthy lunches for your kiddos to take to school from my brain and yours! Because our forces combined are better than one of us alone, right?! 😉

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Easy, Healthy and Kid-Friendly Lunches + Snacks by Life + Style blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

At our house, we have a picky toddler and so sometimes, finding something that he will eat can be tricky.  Actually, picky may be a mild term for it. You can read about the eating struggles we’ve had with Leyton and some of the tips I’ve learned from dietitians for how to combat these issues.

However, we do have some easy go-to’s that we try to keep on hand for him!  Some of those include these Bob’s Red Mills bars, Orgain Kids Bars, RX bars (he loves to steal mine and he also frequently steals my low-carb Aldi chocolate coconut bars). He calls these “choc bars” and has since he was a little baby!

He also loves any kind of cracker, chip, or cereal! Anything crunchy (like Veggie Straws, pretzels, Barbara’s Puffins and most cereals, popcorn including the Safe + Fair allergy-free snacks (use code WELLLOVED10 for 10% off ) especially their sweet & salty kettle popcorn quinoa chips, and his favorite right now is Pringles) and “happy apple” which is apple sauce pouches.

Other favorites include “monkey juice” from Danimals or another yogurt “moo-cow squeezies.” 

We have finally gotten him to get on board with “half-moons” aka popcorn shrimp, chicken nuggets (still a struggle), buttered toast, and he’s hot and cold about smoothies or shakes. 

I polled y’all on Instagram to find out some of your favorite ideas for lunches and snacks for your kiddos and here’s what YOU love down below.

Easy, Healthy and Kid-Friendly Lunches + Snacks by Life + Style blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved


Healthy Lunch Ideas:

  • Turkey roll ups w/ string cheese and fruit. @erinsteague
  • Turkey rolls (no bread) with fresh fruit and crackers instead of chips. @dlizziebeth
  • Yogurt, cheese stick, ham and cheese sandwich. @janellehutto
  • Make a rotisserie chicken in the instant pot at the beginning of the week. @a_beritriley
  • I can’t recommend @feedlinglittles enough. Fantastic kiddo lunch ideas. @rachelsmith1208
  • Fruit, cheese cubes, crackers, berries and carrots (my girl is not a fan of sandwiches). @meganpastasauce
  • Turkey roll ups in tortilla shells or homemade lunchables. @stephie1126
  • Feedling littles insta posts her kids lunches all the time on stories! @lacey_blackwell
  • We do school lunches. Way more healthy than what I could do and cheaper, too. @mssam0305
  • Can’t go wrong with a classic sandwich & veggies/ fruit! @oakleysmammaa 
  • My kids and I love Genoa salami! @erinsteague
  • Turkey and cheese roll ups, pretzels, string cheese, and sliced bell peppers. @wernerv
  • My daughter loves hard boiled eggs and pretzels flats with hummus. @mrslinzocon
  • English muffin pizzas! @made2sing
  • Salami and cheese roll ups, cuke sticks w/ hummus, strawberries, yogurt sticks! @leekathrynh_

Easy, Healthy and Kid-Friendly Lunches + Snacks by Life + Style blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

Healthy On The Go Snacks:

  • Olives. @haley.rothwell
  • Blueberries. @haley.rothwell
  • All the fruit and apple sauce pouches. I make my own and have reusable pouches! @abeltz930
  • Baby peppers, baby bell cheese, yogurt drinks, grapes, hummus and carrots, strawberries. @campbellcomfort
  • Bambas from TJ’s and applesauce pouches. @emilyjfry
  • String cheese, apple slices, grapes, fruit smoothie pouches. @alyssaleighw
  • Duke’s smoked shorty sausages (healthy beef jerky basically!) @janellehutto
  • Aldi organic fruit snacks. Bananas are our go-to. @a_beritriley
  • Cheese sticks, applesauce, yogurt, smart food popcorn. @fit_mom_determined
  • Celery stick with fokkennuts peanut butter. @hisgurlforever10 
  • Larabars! (Or easy homemade version = cheaper). @rachels411
  • Cheese @haley.rothwell 
  • Whenever bars, chocolate chips, bananas, grapes, almonds, chocolate covered raisins. @chambraymason
  • Healthy harvest but packs from Walmart, yogurt raisins, pre-cut apple snack packs, cheese. @jennlace
  • Apples, which are easier to carry. Individual bags of healthy chips. Water. @mssam0305
  • String cheese, frozen gogurt, bananas, trail mix. @jessoman85
  • Grapes! @dlizziebeth
  • Dried fruit. @hrmcallister
  • Granola bars. @hrmcallister
  • Applesauce or fruit cups. @hrmcallister
  • Protein shakes, squeeze applesauce, go-gurts, cheese sticks, granola bars. @made2sing
  • Sliced apples with the min PB cups, trail mix, PB filled pretzels, apple sauce squeezes. @leekathrynh_
  • Veggie straws, grapes, cucumbers, snack bars. @kris32181
  • Pouches, sliced apples, baby carrots, any kind of bar is a favorite in our house haha. @wernerv
  • Organic Orgain Protein Shakes. @lbc8585
  • Almonds. @hrmcallister
  • Peanut butter roll ups (peanut butter in a tortilla rolled up) @hrmcallister

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