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Starbucks is many a moms love language. 😉 Had a rough night where the baby didn’t sleep? Starbucks to the rescue! Picking up your kid from a friend’s house at 10:30 pm? Starbucks drive-thru it is! It’s even the perfect pick me up to enjoy while you’re working on your weekly meal plan! I share all about how to meal plan and what can take the stress out of mealtime for your family in my Meal Planning For The Busy Mom eBook. You can snag your copy HERE.

5 Macro Friendly Starbucks Drinks featured by top AL lifestyle blogger, My Life Well Loved

Truly, Starbucks and coffee, in general, is a lifeline for me on my busy days and especially when I’m doing intermittent fasting on Faster Way to Fat Loss. My go-to that I have loved since I was in high school is a white chocolate mocha…YES PLEASE!

Even though I’ll occasionally still treat myself to that I try not to because the sugar count is YIKES, to say the least and ain’t nobody got time for the sugar crash after the deliciousness hits my belly. Whenever I grab a Starbucks drink and share it on stories I always get asked what I drink so here’s a few of my macro-friendly Starbucks drinks.

5 Macro Friendly Starbucks Drinks featured by top AL lifestyle blogger, My Life Well Loved

10 Best Macro Friendly Starbucks Drinks:


  • Grande americano + 1 pump pumpkin sauce + 1 pump sugar cookie syrup + splash of almond milk = 0.2g Fat // 7.9g Carbs // 36 Calories
  • Tall American + 1 pump sugar cookie syrup + splash of half and half + cinnamon powder = 3g Fat // 5g Carbs // 60 Calories


  • Tall nitro pumpkin cold foam + in a grande cup + add ice + light foam + sprinkle of pumpkin. Carbs: 18g Fat: 7g Protein: 2g // Cals: 140

REGULAR MACRO/TREAT DAY: White Chocolate Mocha or Vanilla Latte or an icy version of the same beverage (I usually get half the pumps of syrup so it’s not too sweet)

  • White Chocolate Mocha (Grande) = 11 Fat / 53 Carbs / 14 Protein
  • Vanilla Latte (Grande) = 7 Fat / 19 Carbs / 13 Protein

ON A BUDGET: In college I got used to ordering coffee with 1/2 the pumps of white chocolate mocha + half and half to pay less for the cup instead of the mocha

  • Coffee with 1 Pump of White Chocolate Mocha + Half and Half (Tall) = 12 Fat / 15 Carbs / 3 Protein

LOW CARB DAYS: Hot or Iced Coffee + Half & Half

  • Hot or Iced Coffee + Half & Half (Tall) = 10 Fat / 4 Carb / 2 Protein

UNDER THE WEATHER: Medicine Ball (disclaimer: don’t drink when pregnant due to the lemongrass)

  • Medicine Ball (Grande) = 0 Fat / 36 Carb / 0 Protein

WHILE FASTING: Peach tea (I have been informed that unfortunately, the peach tea is no longer sugar-free) with an unsweetened fusion which my Faster Way to Fat+ Loss coach turned me onto OR coffee + a splash of milk or half and half

  • Peach Tea + Unsweetened Strawberry Fusion (Grande) = 0 Fat / 20 Carb / 0 Protein

ASHLEE NICHOL’S FAVE: You’ve probably seen Ashlee share this on her Instagram stories!

  • Grande salted caramel cream cold brew + No caramel + 2 pumps white mocha + In a Venti cup (game changer and cheaper = 14g Fat / 23 Carbs / 230 Calories

Of course, no Starbucks run is complete for me without adding on a venti water to keep my water intake up! If you struggle in this department, make sure to sign up to do our water challenge and enjoy this free printable to help you get on track!

5 Macro Friendly Starbucks Drinks featured by top AL lifestyle blogger, My Life Well Loved

YOUR Favorite Starbucks Orders:

HOT Starbucks Drinks:

  • Tall hot cinnamon dolce latte with cinnamon steamed in the milk @syndocyogini
  • My fave is only at Christmas. Chestnut praline latte @elise488
  • Flat white with an extra shot or coconut milk latte with an extra shot @alyroberson
  • Skinny coconut milk vanilla latte @sharris_aprn
  • Caramel macchiato made with almond milk NO whip @mrscoacht73
  • Tall skinny mocha one pump also order it as a frappe @gina_draz
  • Skinny cinnamon dolce latte @sandpiper_lane
  • Mine is a half caff latte with coconut milk and sometimes add sugar free cinnamon dolce @libbykite
  • Vanilla latte @paularnp
  • Black coffee @mfrancesfrancis
  • Nothing complicated, just the white chocolate mocha @janellehutto
  • At this point, anything with enough caffeine to get me through @cuoreprezioso
  • Blonde americano with steam heavy cream @cindi_clic
  • Grande misto 1 pump white choc mocha 1 pump peppermint @sjleth
  • Skinny vanilla latte @alainamarie0531
  • Tall nonfat vanilla latte or tall nonfat caramel frappe (when I need a treat) @rachmjorda
  • Triple americano or if I’m treating myself cascara cold brew @abby_and_sirius
  • Skinny cinnamon dolce latte @marissaboehm

COLD Starbucks Drinks:

  • Iced vanilla almond milk latte @katiekate324
  • Mocha frappes @kailahwalsh1
  • White chocolate double chocolate chip frappe @prinzessjess
  • Cinnamon dolce frappe, not on the menu but they can make any drink into a frappe @demagee
  • I’m so basic. I either get the white choc mocha or caramel frappe lol @kiki_1978_
  • Cookie crumble frappe @felicityvargo_2020_show.goats
  • I love the nitro cold brew w/ sweet cream @boldhamiam
  • Iced hazelnut latte! Also s’mores frappe @ellspin
  • Iced latte @j3nniferlynn
  • Cold brew with 1 pump sf vanilla and splash of HWC @nomocheek
  • Caramel macchiato, iced @katierope
  • Iced caramel macchiato @andrea_edwards26
  • Iced coffee, splash of half n half, one pump toffee nut, one pump cinnamon. Also salted foam cold brew @emdoeshomes
  • Iced caramel cloud macchiato @shoshanaslp
  • Vanilla sweet cream cold brew or decaf iced americano with splash of cream and sf vanilla @sis.sparkle
  • Iced blonde vanilla bean coconut milk latte @kelsey_peake
  • Iced coffee, unsweetened, splash of half half @jvnelson
  • Iced coffee with extra cream, 2 pumps of white mocha @kbghames
  • Grande cold brew with almond milk @alivpriest
  • Iced toffee nut americano with cream and an extra shot @bethatrix
  • Iced white chocolate mocha with whip @jessiejoboggs
  • Iced caramel macchiato with almond milk @kararrockett
  • Venti iced caramel coffee with almond milk and 3 pumps of classic @ohhappyhotalings
  • Iced coconut milk vanilla bean latte! New fav @steffie.mcginn4
  • Nitro coldbrew with 3 pumps of caramel! So good! @militarily_displaced
  • Grande iced coffee 1 pump white choc mocha 1 pump peppermint room for cream @sjleth
  • Iced coffee with 2 pumps vanilla and creamer @bamaworkingmom
  • Iced vanilla latte or pink drink @claramcmahon_14
  • Cold brew with light ice and a splash of coconut milk @kristenjoy96
  • Venti vanilla iced coffee with cream and 3 extra pumps of classic syrup (very sweet) @briana.m.martin
  • Grande cold brew with cold foam, shot of mocha and a shot of hazelnut. Splash of milk @amhendrix2004
  • Venti iced coffee with almond milk (I don’t like sweet coffee) @asanchez_6113
  • Caramel cold brew with almond milk or if low carb sf vanilla cold brew with coconut milk @sarah.jewell.harper
  • Iced coffee,light ice, noclassic, light splashof coconut milk, 1 pump mocha@hsnyder09
  • Iced cinnamon almond milk macchiato @joysfromjesus
  • Iced caramel macchiato for summertime @bblank_smith
  • Iced caramel macchiato with coconut milk and light ice @thatstheowllife
  • Cold foam cold brew with one pump vanilla @kitchyliving
  • Iced americano with sf vanilla and half n half @accatersmith
  • Also egg white bites for bfast. Iced vanilla coffee with almond milk sweetened (or iced vanilla latte with almond milk)
  • Iced almond milk latte with sf vanilla @jennpenn
  • Grande iced blonde espresso latte with 2 pumps sf vanilla @alyssaleighw


  • Chai tea latte, nonfat milk, shot of espresso @kaitlinabarber
  • Venti iced green tealatte. Minus syrup. Extra matcha. No ice. @shopshareship
  • Venti passion fruit iced tea with Splenda @sbstyle21
  • Nonfat chai latte, not acoffee drinker @ashleykmccutchin
  • Venti iced green tea, no syrup @erinsteague
  • Pink drink @kitten_katin
  • Strawberry refresher with lemonade blended @kitten_katin
  • Mango dragon fruit refresher with lemonade @kitten_katin
  • Passion fruit iced tea with raspberryand classic. No classic if you don’t like it sweet @kitten_katin
  • Iced almond milk chai half sweet @laurabloom38
  • Iced green tea no sweetener @stellarjennifer
  • Mango dragon fruit or passion tango tea unsweetened @fiftyshadesor
  • Banana bread @3soundsperfect
  • Trenta strawberry acai refresher @haileynbarton02
  • Soy vanilla chai tea iced or hot @l_nicole_17
  • Pink drink @michellelockewinter
  • Venti passion tango tea lemonade – no caffeine so perfect when pregnant @marisrob
  • Venti black iced tea with sf vanilla @emilyjfry
  • 3 way tie…pink drink or dragon fruit refresher or iced coffee with vanilla, cream and whip @mrsbaja
  • Iced passion tea sweetened @jonesweibe
  • Venti green tea lemonade with raspberry light ice @karaann08
  • Chai tea latte with 1 pump caramel/venti iced coffee no classic 1 scoop vanilla powder @kentuckysunshine
  • Pink drink with light ice(size depends on the mood) @annieelizabeth9
  • Passion fruit iced tea made without water and one pump sweetener @thrivinginmotherhood
  • Sweet tea lemonade, with black tea @whitneyd_gay
  • Venti strawberry green tea infusion half the sweetener @annascalicicmartin

What is your favorite order from Starbucks? Know of any macro friendly Starbucks drinks? Be sure to leave a comment below to let me know!

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5 Macro Friendly Starbucks Drinks featured by top AL lifestyle blogger, My Life Well Loved

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