Top 12 Buc-ee’s Favorites You Need To Buy

Have you ever been to Buc-ee’s?! It’s a giant gas station + store that is honestly a travel destination all in itself! I heard it described as a gas station meets Disney with super clean restrooms, gift wares, tons of snacks, and delicious food with fast service. Every location is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Keep reading for my list of Buc-ee’s favorites!

Arch “Beaver” Aplin is the founder of Buc-ee’s. He opened the first store in Lake Jackson, TX, in 1982 and his main goal was to provide cheap ice and clean bathrooms. Now there are 40 locations and counting! Read this article for more of his success story! Buc-ee’s holds the world record for largest convenience store. The New Braunfels store is the largest convenience store in the world at 66,335 square feet!

We stopped by the new Leeds, Alabama location the other day and many of you sent me recommendations on Instagram Stories of what to buy. I felt it was only appropriate to round up a list of ALL of both mine and YOUR Buc-ee’s favorites! If you are looking for some keto and low-carb Buc-ee finds, head over to this post for all the yummy low-carb snacks!

As you know, the boys and I love a good road trip and exploring together! In fact, we even write into our meal plans eating out at spots like Buccee’s or fast food like Chick Fil A to make it more realistic to stick to our budget, health goals and plan accordingly. My motto is if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

So go ahead, figure out WHEN you want to schedule in your cheat meals and then work your other meals and budget AROUND that! If you want my BEST tips, hacks, and all my meal planning magic I learned when Eric and I had to live on $40/week for groceries on our single income, don’t miss MY ULTIMATE MEAL PLANNING EBOOK HERE!

Buc-ee’s Favorites To Try

#1 // Beaver Nuggets – These are by far the MOST popular snack at Buc-ee’s and what tons of people recommended to me on Instagram stories! Although they were NOT our favorite. They were too sweet in our opinion. It tasted like a maple sweetened cheetos puff. It was odd.

#2 // Ranchin’ Saltines – One of my favorite things we bought! Salty and delicious, can’t wait to try the sizzlin’ saltines next!

#3 // Beef Jerky – There are tons of flavors so I’d love to try some more of these soon! I’ve heard the lemon pepper ones are great for low carb day… HIGH protein and fat, low carbs and not much added sugar! They have a whole wall of jerky with every flavor you can think of!

#4 // Tiger Stripe Fudge – Peanut butter fudge with white chocolate in the middle. Need I say more? The birthday cake flavor was delicious as well!

Not near a Buc-ee’s? No problem! Shop a similar version on Amazon HERE!

#5 // Beaver Nuggets With White Fudge – These were better than the regular ones in my opinion!

#6 // Pecans – Or really any kind of candied nut! They were HOT and DELICIOUS! Would definitely buy again! If you wanna see more of my favorite snacks that are on the healthier side, check out this post!

#7 // Dog Butt Magnets – Too funny! If you want more fun and unique gift ideas, don’t miss these cute gifts!

Not near a Buc-ee’s? No problem! Shop a similar version on Amazon HERE!

#8 // Coconut Cream Pie – This was INCREDIBLY good. I was highly impressed! Almost as good as my Dreamland Style banana pudding!

#9 // Tortilla Wrapped Sausage-On-A-Stick – One of your TOP recommendations! Eric loved it!

#10 // Beef Brisket Sandwich – People rave about these sandwiches! They are served on a hot bar and they CRANK them out! They are delicious!

#11 // Slushies – The slushies were obviously a big hit with my boys! They have 16 different flavors to choose from!

#12 // The BEAVER – You must get a photo with the beaver! Such a fun experience for the boys and I… especially in the summer to beat the heat!

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YOUR Buc-ee’s Favorites

  • We just went for the first time near Dayton Beach. The brisket was amazing and candied pecan @artteachap 
  • slushees/icee @mylifewellloved1 
  • I hear it’s awesome! Enjoy @barrielw 
  • Car wash @monicakarl 
  • Any of the buccees brand chandy! We have tried a lot and it’s all been good @lifewithmyki 
  • Buccees animal cracker cookies (baked with sprinkles in them). @lifewithmyki 
  • Buccee nuts are all the rage but honesty TOO sweet! Chipped Brisket sandwich – yum! @brandibridge 
  • Def a brisket sammy, gummy worms, and beaver nuggets @court_court8 
  • The apple pies!! Get them all!! @saratlawrence 
  • Beef jeky! @monicakarl 
  • Fudge @ashlyn.dodson
  • Beaver nuggets!! @ashlyn.dodson 
  • BEAVER NUGGETS! All the food. Literally as much as you can afford @whittpage 
  • Peppered beef jerky!! It’s like 20g protein per serving and no fat or carbs! @alissa walker 
  • Oh and a photo with the buccee statue @kballard2006
  • Beef jerky. Buccee nuts it’s like caramel popcorn. And a crazy shirt or hat @kballard2006
  • Crunchy green beans @jwb2002 
  • A tshirt @jwb2002 
  • Beaver nuggets and candied nuts @stephaniechrista81
  • Spicy saltines and brisket @hatcherd 
  • Everything!! But really the jerky and white cheddar popcorn @asmiller11
  • Omg! I always get jerky and also really love their southwest wrap @krysalvento 
  • BBQ sandwich and the chips near there. SO so good! And any beef jerky @tiffyleighthompson 
  • Beaver nuggets. Be prepared to shop also lol @hcolemomma 
  • Beaver nuggets @thecelebratingmama 
  • Beaver bties!!! @jgobrien6
  • Pulled pork sandwich @lisareynolds6
  • Kolaches (jalapeno sausage is fave), beaver nuggets, breakfast tacos, BBQ anything @dishingoutclean 
  • A buc-ee’s magnet for your fridge. #stayclassy (we have one!) @andreasteed

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