Episode 050: A Conversation On Masculinity, Education & Parenting With Matt Beaudreau

Heather Brown from HEALTHY by Heather Brown podcast and My Life Well Loved, shares health & wellness tips for busy moms with Matt Beaudreau about masculinity, education & parenting.

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Are we doing justice by our sons when it comes to imbibing positive masculinity and navigating the confusing world of rites of passage? Can we, as parents, educators, and role models, do more in creating a counter-cultural narrative for our boys? These are the soul-stirring questions we ponder as we engage in an enlightening conversation with Matt Beaudreau, founder of Acton Academy Placer and Acton Academy Sacramento and co-founder of Apogee Strong. 

Matt takes us on a journey, sharing the inception story of Apogee Strong, a platform that seeks to reintroduce rites of passage and positive masculinity in the lives of young men. As a parent and renowned keynote speaker, Matt provides invaluable insights into raising children, the ethical dilemmas of working with large corporations, and the unique dynamics of schooling. 

In our compelling discussion on toxic masculinity, we uncover strategies for raising counter-cultural boys, navigating disagreements, and coping with peer pressure. Join us for this inspiring episode packed with actionable insights and thought-provoking discussions.

In This Episode, A Conversation on Masculinity, Education, and Parenting with Matt Beaudreau, We Discuss:

  • The importance of reinventing rites of passage for young men.
  • Matt’s strategies for raising counter-cultural boys and tackling toxic masculinity.
  • Insight into Matt’s journey from a secret service officer to an educator, and his experience with social media censorship.
  • The importance of building intentional connections within communities to foster meaningful relationships.
  • Addressing toxic masculinity and promoting positive change through constructive leadership and parenting styles.
  • Matt’s unique perspective on schooling, raising boys and girls, and working with large companies.
  • How to navigate disagreements, cope with peer pressure, and showcase greatness to children through positive experiences.

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