012: How Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle Is More Than Just Fitness With Morgan Kline Of Burn Bootcamp

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Y’all, I am so excited today because I am talking to a guest that I have been looking forward to all season, Morgan Kline. Morgan is the co-founder and CEO of Burn Bootcamp. Morgan’s perspective on fitness is refreshing and empowering as she and I talk about how to navigate fitness during pregnancy and postpartum, and her journey to become the new CEO of Burn Bootcamp and more.  

I also welcome Eric back for another installment of the Marriage Corner. 

In This Episode On How Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle Is More Than Just Fitness, We Discuss: 

[7:33] How Morgan chose to approach her fitness habits while going through the seasons pregnancy and postpartum

[13:14]The perspective Heather has when it comes to feeling like she’s not good enough

[15:07] The #1 question Morgan gets and how she answers it

[16:24] How Morgan holds hands with mamas on their fitness journey

[20:44] Morgan shares her view on self-care (it may surprise you)

[25:05] Morgan’s tips for beginners who want to get into fitness

[28:30] How Burn structures their workouts each month

[36:35] Burn’s new products that you must try

[39:40] It’s the Marriage Corner! Eric and I talk about how important dating and dating each other in marriage is 

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