008: Friends And Fitness With Burn Boot Camp Trainer Magen Davis

Podcast host + fitness blogger, My Life Well Loved, shares about friends and fitness with her trainer. Click NOW to read + listen!

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I am so excited to have one of my very dear friends, Magen Davis, joining me today. She is one of my very favorite people. I have known her for a very long time and  I’m excited from a personal standpoint to have her on this podcast with me, but also because you guys are gonna learn so much from her. 

Magen is a NASM certified personal trainer, head trainer at Burn Bootcamp Homewood. She’s a mama of four kids and married to her high school sweetheart, Daniel.

Unlike some friendships where one friend is maybe more quiet and reserved, Magen and I do not struggle with that. We are both loud and in charge, and we are thrilled to get the party started. 

Podcast host + fitness blogger, My Life Well Loved, shares about friends and fitness with her trainer. Click NOW to read + listen!

In This Episode on Friends and Fitness, We Discuss: 

3:42 Listen in to hear how Magen and I met

5:53 How Magen went from ground zero to head trainer 

8:10 The WHY behind Magen’s healthy journey that is still her WHY today

9:24 Magen’s advice on how to stay plugged in to your family without making food the center of connecting with them

14:47 The encouragement Magen gave to me that I ask her to share with you about drinking alcohol

18:30 What Magen’s best tips are for those on their weight loss journey

21:04 How Magen approaches discipline both in her spiritual and physical life

30:32 Magan’s favorite protein bar she is loving right now, that I can’t wait to try

32:00 The Marriage Corner: Listen in as Eric and I discuss second hand embarrassment, what it is, and how Eric suffers from it.

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