You Can Do Hard Things Mama; An Episode On Determination + Motivation

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I have a question for you friend, what is the hardest thing that you have ever done? Maybe it’s in your parenting journey or marriage. Or the hardest friendship battle you’ve been through? Or what is the hardest thing when it comes to your weight or your health?

I want to talk about how we use that same determination that we got through with all those other hard things that we’ve done in our life and turn it into motivation to take care of your health as well, and to work towards, and fight for your health just as much.

In This Episode, We Discuss:

[4:56] The biggest game changer for me when it comes to overcoming hard things

[10:30] The powerful reminder we all need to help us to reset our mind and body

[14:05] An activity that you can do if you are doubting yourself or a goal

[15:32] Why staying hydrated is so important 

[18:00] Why a support system is key to helping you achieve your goals

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