011: Tips From Celebrity Functional Medicine Expert, Dr. Will Cole, On Improving Sleep & Health

Christian Birmingham podcaster & health coach, Heather Brown, her interview with celebrity functional medicine expert dr. will cole on sleep and health

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Welcome back to another episode of Healthy With Heather Brown. I am so excited today to introduce you to Dr. Will Cole, if you’re not already familiar with him because of his New York Times bestselling Intuitive Fasting book. He’s also a podcaster at the Art Of Being Well, a functional medicine expert, and the founder of one of the first functional medical telehealth centers in the world.

In This Episode on Functional Health, We Discuss: 

[3:04] What a telehealth clinic is and why Dr. Cole started one

[5:27] What is functional medicine and how it is different than “traditional medicine” 

[9:09] How listeners can advocate for themselves when it comes to their own health issues

[14:03] Dr. Cole gives some advice as to where to start if you’re looking to learn more 

[20:26] Heather and Dr. Cole talk about the importance of sleep and how you can improve your sleep and thus your health right now

[27:54] Heather asks Dr. Cole if using Melatonin is okay, and often how one should use it

[32:10] Dr. Cole’s recommended protein powders and vitamin supplements

[37:53] The one thing in Dr. Cole’s health journey that he is loving right now

[40:34] It’s the marriage corner! Heather and Eric talk all about sleep and sleep patterns

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