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010: Physical Health And Relationships With Heather & Eric

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It’s another episode with Eric and I, and I am amped for it.  Today we’re gonna talk about healthy relationships and what those look like. Eric has a really good perspective about this, from all different walks of life, because of all the people he comes in contact with day to day at the hospital. It’s going to be a fantastic episode, so get ready for your favorite dynamic duo! 

In This Episode, We Discuss:

2:39 What Eric does and how it pertains to our conversation today

4:17 How healthy relationships impact into your overall physical health

7:00 What a hallway and a river have to do with how a man and woman communicate and relate to one another

9:07 I tell a little nugget about Eric and I about our song at our wedding

12:43 One of the things that I really appreciate about Eric in our relationship

16:18 The correlation between positive encouragement and body image/self-esteem in a relationship

18:31 The encouragement I have for our listeners to take action on

26:42 Eric and I share a stressful time in our relationship that affected our physical health

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