016: How To Navigate The Holidays Together: Balancing Expectations And Commitments With Eric Brown

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It’s my birthday week! On today’s show, Eric joins me for our last episode together this season. We discuss holiday indulgences, and how we navigate that as a couple. Eric shares some funny holiday stories from growing up, and we discuss how we balance expectations, and commitments for the holiday season, and share some of our favorite traditions.

In This Episode On How To Navigate The Holidays Together, We Discuss: 

[3:36] Listen in to hear what holiday Eric and I prefer, Thanksgiving or Christmas?

[5:42] Eric shares a story about a family Thanksgiving gone wrong

[12:03] We discuss holiday expectations 

[14:42] Learn how Eric and I balance traveling during the holiday season and how we establish good boundaries with nutrition and working out while traveling

[18:04] How we set priorities and expectations during the holidays when committing ourselves to specific events and outings with family and friends

[22:47] We discuss some of the struggles that we go through as a couple attempting to balance work, life, and traditions

[27:19] Learn how Eric and I have combined our expectations and traditions as a couple and some of our favorite traditions

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