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Twenty-Six Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate

Twenty-six weeks pregnant

Bathing Suit– Two years old, but from Lululemon and sized up to fit the belly. You can check out this similar one from TARGET or THIS bathing suit that comes in two colors from Old Navy that is 50% off today!

Bump Update // Twenty-Six Weeks Pregnant

Size: Baby is the size of a scallion. That seems pretty long and since I’ll feel baby boy making movements in very separate areas of my belly, I guess that’s about right!

Weight gained: 20 lbs+ eek!

Symptoms: Round ligament pain when I walk. Lower back stiffness at times. Shortness of breath when walking sometimes. And the extra cellulite is just KILLING me in the mirror and in swimmies this week. Trying to forget the silly stuff doesn’t matter any way and hoping it goes away quickly after birth!

Other Pregnancy Related Updates: Gestational Diabetes Test –I slightly freaked out this week when my blood sugar levels were too high when they pricked my finger after the nasty sugary drink. They let me know because I failed the initial finger prick screening I would have to have blood drawn from my arm and sent off for additional testing and that I should hear back within a week about this test. If I failed that, I’d have to come back to have the 3 hour long test. I am very grateful to report that when I called back they said I got the all clear and had passed my gestational diabetes test!

Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: This week I’m constantly in my Old Navy shorts (love that I can still rock my normal size!) and bathing suits of course since we’re at the beach!

Boy or girl? Boy!

Pregnancy related item I have loved this week: I don’t know what I would do without water bottles this week. I know I could say this pretty much every week, but especially being on the beach, by the pool and in the 90’s as a pregnant person, it’s CRITICAL I keep a water bottle by me at all times to help me get enough water in!

1 thing I am currently having trouble with: Eating healthy. Since we’re on vacation for basically 10 days straight, I’m trying to find the balance of indulging and also eating healthy. Today I was pretty proud because I ate chicken and waffles for lunch but had blackened fish and salad for dinner. PLUS I got in a walk and my booty challenge!

1 moment I loved about this past week: While we’ve been down in Tampa (check out my travel guide here), Eric’s parents gave us a chance to go to a restaurant and sit at the bar to watch the Bolts play a game while we had apps and drinks. And then the very next day, we got to drive to Dunedin, sit at the fish market and enjoy the harbor views just the two of us during Leyton’s nap. It was so nice!

1 thing I plan to do for myself this week:  I have really unplugged from email and blog duties as much as possible. So grateful for my amazing team who is keeping everything running smoothly!

Food cravings: Double stuff Oreos – Hey, I am on vacation. 😉 Sour candy belts. Watermelon. Orange juice.

Currently working on: Finding a dining room table and Leyton’s big boy room furniture.

For my other bump updates, you can head here:
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