017: A Fresh Way To Look At Grief, Healing, and Motherhood: Motherhood As An Anchor With Danielle Davis

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In this Healthy with Heather Brown episode, I have a special guest, Danielle Davis. She is the owner of Pure Barre Homewood here in Birmingham, the first barre-based studio that was open in the entire state of Alabama, and she’s also a dear friend, prayer warrior, and Samford JMC major with me.

In This Episode, We Discuss: 

[1:45] Listen in to hear who Danielle is and how she started her career in Pure Barre

[3:22] How Danielle has been an inspiration to me in my life and business

[4:42] What Pure Barre is and how the community aspect plays into it as a whole

[8:09] Key tools Danielle has found that have helped her through her struggles

[14:27] The advice Danielle has for any woman who is feeling overwhelmed and stuck

[19:09] Danielle opens up and shares with listeners about the grief journey she walked through after the passing of her brother

[24:00]How motherhood has anchored Danielle 

[30:38] Encouragement if you’re feeling tired 

[36:58] Danielle shares her favorite thing on her health journey that’s making her feel like herself right now

[38:40] Danielle’s prayer over listeners

[41:42] It’s the marriage corner! Eric is back with another great question for us. 

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