018: Take The Mystery Out Of Your Hormone Health And Birth Control With Answers From Women’s Health Coach, Nicole Jardim

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Y’all I am so excited to introduce my guest this week, Nicole Jardim! Nicole is a Certified Women’s Health Coach and author of the book Fix Your Period where she tackles the tough, and often misunderstood topic of hormones.  She wants to demystify the topic of hormone health and empower women of all ages to reclaim theirs. She and I talk about her history of her own period problems, starting back when she was a teen and how that has impacted her work. Then we’re going to take a little trip to the Marriage Corner with Eric. Let’s dive in!

In The Hormone Health And Birth Control Episode, We Discuss:

[1:31] Nicole tells us a little about herself and her own hormone health problems.

[6:59] We introduce Nicole’s Fix Your Period Book

[8:40] Next, we dive into what women can do to fix their period.

[12:38] Nicole breaks down the best method to track your period to find out what phase of your cycle you’re in and any potential symptoms for hormone health.

[20:05] Hear Nicole’s advice about what eating for your cycle and sugar balancing looks like.

[24:40] Learn one thing Nicole’s been surprised to realize most women don’t know about their own bodies and hormones.

[36:22] Nicole tackles the stigma of perimenopause and what it is.

[40:36] We talk about the importance of getting outside and the benefits to your hormones.

[42:53] Nicole’s favorite thing on her health journey.

[45:59] We head to the Marriage corner with Eric to talk about what it means to fight for your relationship.

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