Top 10 Things I Love About Being A Boy Mom

This post on Top 10 Things I Love About Being A Boy Mom was originally published in February 2021 and updated in February 2022.

Top 10 Things to Love About Being A Boy Mom by Alabama Life + Style Blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

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When I first found out I was pregnant with Leyton, I knew I’d be happy with a boy or girl BUT since I only ever had a sister, I couldn’t help but hope for a girl just because that was all I knew. I thought… “How will I know what to do with a boy?”

Then the moment I found out we were having a boy, I instantly felt a connection with the boy mom status I had just been given. Inevitably, each time I told another boy mom I was pregnant with a boy she’d say, “Oh the mommy and son bond is so special! He’ll be a mama’s boy for sure!”

Then Leyton was born, my heart swelled, tears overtook me, and becoming a mama rocked my world in the most wonderful and hard way all wrapped into one. 

Sure enough Leyton is quite the mama’s boy although he adores his daddy. Daddy is certainly the cool dad and I’m good for snuggles/cuddles and “tivities”. 😉 When I found out we were pregnant with Baby Finn, I said I’d be happy either way with a boy or girl but deep down I just feel like a boy mom. In fact, Eric’s mom even said to me before we had Finn, “Heather, I just think of you as a boy mom. I’m sure you guys are having another boy!” And BOY was she right?!

The Journey Of Becoming A Boy Mom & Parent

Just like becoming a mom of not one but TWO boys was full of shock, surprise, and excitement, so was becoming a parent in general! Mixed with excitement, there was also a hint of nervousness. Motherhood and parenting comes with a lot of “unknowns” which can produce daily worries and fears.

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10 Reasons I Love Being A Boy Mom

1 // The mama and son bond is undeniable. I have a soft spot in my heart for my boys just like they do for me. EVERYBODY told me when I was pregnant, “Boys just LOVE their mamas!”

2 // I love their no-drama approach to life already! When my girlfriends with daughters talk to me about the drama over what to wear and mean girl stuff, I shutter. These two help me be more go with the flow.

3 // I’m excited to watch their daddy teach them how to be gentlemen and lead their families well; one day serving their wives as Christ loves the church.

4 // Mommy and Son Date Nights: Leyton and I love doing this so he gets some one-on-one time with mommy. Finn and I love our time together one-on-one at least one day a week while brother is at school.

5 // I get to walk on the wild side! With boys, you get to have a second chance at childhood in a less confined way. You can rough and tumble, build, run, dance, hoop and holler, play in the creeks, skip rocks, and constantly be outside.

Top 10 Things to Love About Being A Boy Mom by Alabama Life + Style Blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

6 // Clothes don’t cost an arm and a leg! I cannot believe the cost of little girls’ dresses, shoes, and everything in between… blows my mind! Also, I can’t French braid my own hair let alone know how to do someone else’s!

7 // Tender Hearts: Amidst the toddler crazy, Leyton would shock me at age 2 and 3 with the most tender-hearted, “Mommy is pretty,” or “Love Mommy” that just melts my heart! Now that he is 6, he will tell me, “Mommy, I love you” out of nowhere or say, “Mommy, you cuddle.” It really is the sweetest when he’s not saying it to manipulate me into a later bedtime. HA!

8 // Laughter: What is it about boys and their innate skill at bringing laughter to almost any situation or looking for an excuse to make you laugh? There’s always something funny or a desire to find something “silly” or “crazy” in Leyton’s words. Finn already has the gift of comedy. Whether it be the way he walks sticking his big ole belly out, or funny expressions or “baby sentences”… the boy has got a skill that is hard to miss!

9 // Hard Working: There’s a constant desire to work as hard as daddy… to help with the trash cans, to clean up, to mow the lawn, or to help mommy sort laundry. I love how much they want to help!

10 // I love to watch Eric through Leyton and Finn’s eyes. In the mornings, they ask for daddy. They adore their daddy and I love watching Eric make them laugh. I know Leyton will want to grow up to be a man just like his daddy as will Finn! In fact, when we got home from Chicago, I was shocked to see Finn more excited to see Daddy than Mommy when we got him out of his crib.

Can you tell how much I love being a boy mom?! My love for these two little cuddle bugs runs deep! Are you a boy mom or a girl mom? I’d love to hear more about your motherhood journey in the comments below.

Top 10 Things to Love About Being A Boy Mom by Alabama Life + Style Blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

For my fellow faith-based mamas:

In my post on Faith-based parenting & discipline, I spill all the details on how Eric and I are raising our boys and disciplining them in a way that agrees and affirms our religious beliefs and values. This post allows me to share a little more detail about how our family connects, learns and grows together. I still feel like we have a lot to learn but I know a lot of you like talking more about what it looks like to have your faith play out in your parenting and marriage so I hope it’s helpful!

Your Reasons Why You Love Being A Boy Mom:

  • @susanna.j.hughes “The way they love their mamas!”
  • @lifelutzurious “All the kisses and cuddles! They sure do love their mamas”
  • @suzerobz “My boys are 21 and 23 and they still love their momma! I would’ve loved to have a third boy”
  • @jenjarrellstover ‘Boys are going to be crazy you’ve just gotta learn to roll with it”
  • @cindimunch “Teach them how to be gentlemen”
  • @elmitchel79 “I love wrestling with my little man!”
  • @lnhiller “My favorite thing is the way my sweet boy smiles at me!”
  • @vaveryharris “Future stepmom! Need all the advice!”
  • @klmoody9233 “I’m expecting my first baby so I can’t wait to see what you’re doing. I love seeing your littles!”
  • @jessie_ea “Little boys love their moms fiercely. Best advice teach them to focus hard on the toilet when they pee LOL” 
  • @leperantlyso “There’s always less selection for boys w/ clothing. Just buy the girl jeggings. They don’t care”
  • @emmily_bailey “Spending one on one time with what each of them love. They’re all so different!”
  • @taylor.rode “Don’t try and eliminate chaos, just lean into it and control it”
  • @marissalsanchez “They keep me very active, but they love me so much”
  • @kaitbanderson “The baby boy snuggles! And when he reaches for me when he’s sad. They love their momma’s”
  • @jlin915 “15&13 year olds. They love you back as hard as you love them and they grow up and protect you”
  • @mrslass “My 13 month old climbs anything he can – and he can’t even walk yet”
  • @efstahiouk “I have one of each, but I love to express my inner nerd by building Legos with him”
  • @raiganwatkins “Boys love their mommas on another level! They thrive with affirmation and adventure”
  • @fivehalvesmakeawhole “Being his first love – teaching him to play with dolls and be a “daddy” AND loving football etc”
  • @abk1030 “I love being a sports mama! And I adore having a mama’s boy!!”
  • @southernandstyle “I love the “rough and tumble” nature of it, but also that I can nurture his gentle side too!”
  • @mssam0305 “Be prepared for fart and snot jokes” 
  • @kf_hairdesigns “I love that he is so sweet and concerned about me even at 1y/o. If I cry, he cries and hugs me”
  • @ashleylagrou “There is non-stop wrestling” 

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Top 10 Things to Love About Being A Boy Mom by Alabama Life + Style Blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved
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