Hospital Bag Checklist

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How can it already be time to share my hospital bag checklist?! As you know, I felt pretty overwhelmed and unprepared as we neared the end of this pregnancy. A couple weeks ago, I shared how we were preparing for baby #2 plus SO MANY recommendations y’all gave me on your best tips to prepare for a new baby!

Being my second pregnancy and second baby, I felt like I had a much better idea of what I actually needed to pack for the hospital vs what I packed when I had Leyton. Y’all actually sent in so many good recommendations for what to pack in your hospital bag, too! I’ve included those below. I am definitely glad I packed what I did for our hospital stay with Baby Finn! I had everything I needed but not too much!

My Hospital Bag Checklist

A Hospital Bag Checklist from a Second Time Mom and Alabama Blogger, Heather Brown, at MyLifeWellLoved.com // #hospitalbag #pregnancy #momlife

A Hospital Bag Checklist from a Second Time Mom and Alabama Blogger, Heather Brown, at MyLifeWellLoved.com // #hospitalbag #pregnancy #momlife

  • Hospital Bag – I love this bag because it can be carried as a duffel but also has wheels for rolling! I’ve used it as my carry-on when traveling several times!

  • Pillow & Silk Pillowcase – Having your own pillow at the hospital is a must in my book! I loved having it along with my new silk pillowcase from Fishers Finery! The 100% silk material is incredibly soft and helped provide a little comfort to those not-so-comfortable hospital beds and also kept my hair looking somewhat styled during the stay! 😉 Y’all know I like to wash my hair minimally so of course dry shampoo was in my bag too!

Shop my ULTRA Soft Pajamas– Ordered TTS size S to fit the bump, but size down if not pregnant.

  • Nursing Bra & Nursing Pads – Two things I was excited to have with me at the hospital this time around were the Fishers Finery Wireless Ultra Soft Nursing Bra and their washable and reusable nursing pad set! I didn’t know I’d need nursing pads last time but just in case my milk came in quick this time, I packed to be prepared!
  • Boppy – We loved our Boppy with Leyton as it is so helpful to have on hand at the hospital when holding and nursing baby!
  • Nursing Nightgown – I have worn this gown all throughout my pregnancy and y’all always ask where it’s from. You can read more about this brand and some of my faves from them here including all your favorite bras. It is one of my coziest must-haves from this pregnancy so including it in my hospital bag checklist was a no brainer! I have also heard that you want to bring a nightgown in case you have a C-section so that pants won’t be irritating your incisions. 

  • Extra Set of Pajamas – It never hurts to have an extra set of pajamas! I was SHOCKED that they fit my bump all the way up till the end and you won’t believe how soft they are. I loved having these from Fisher’s Finery in my bag and I plan on living in them these next few weeks! Size down if not pregnant.
  • Barefoot Dreams Cardigan – I just ordered this during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it is soft as butter! I was so excited to have it with me at the hospital to feel cozy!
  • Outfit for Baby – One thing I wish I would have known before having Leyton is the hospital has EVERYTHING. There really is no need to bring diapers, wipes, or any of the other baby “essentials” because they have it covered in that department! However, one thing I like to be sure to bring is an outfit for baby that is cozy and cute for photos! When Leyton was born, we had him wear a little bear hat that was so cute for photos! We also loved putting him in gowns because they are so easy for diaper changes! These are really affordable, come in a pack of 3, and I love the basic stripe patterns.
  • Hair Ties / Hair Clips / Headbands – I’ve mentioned Invisibobbles/Teleties before and how much I love them for not creasing! Bring whatever your go-to easy throw your hair back favorites are.
  • Long Phone Charger – Who knows how far the outlet is from your hospital bed?! Having a long phone cord or extension cord can guarantee you can keep your phone charged amidst all the check-in texts from family and friends, picture taking, and sharing!
  • Pure Barre Socks/No Slip Socks – So many of you recommended I bring my Pure Barre socks! PB socks are awesome because they have grippers and they aren’t hideous like the ones you receive at the hospital. Plus, hospital floors are kinda gross so having socks on is a must!

A Hospital Bag Checklist from a Second Time Mom and Alabama Blogger, Heather Brown, at MyLifeWellLoved.com // #hospitalbag #pregnancy #momlife

  • Nipple Butter & Skin and Scar Balm – Even though the hospital will probably have me covered, I packed these in my bag as I’ll use them after at home too.
  • Earrings – I loved having simple studs on hand when I had Leyton to help me feel a little more put together for pictures and visitors!

A Hospital Bag Checklist from a Second Time Mom and Alabama Blogger, Heather Brown, at MyLifeWellLoved.com // #hospitalbag #pregnancy #momlife

  • Chapstick– Hospitals tend to be dry and nothing is worse then chapped lips while you are trying to have a baby!
  • Facial Wipes – In case you don’t feel like going to the bathroom to wash your face (and spoiler alert…you don’t!), bring these to have by the bed to take off your makeup at the end of the day.
  • Other Toiletries – Don’t forget to bring all your favorite toiletry items to have on hand – toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, deodorant, etc!
  • Sound Machine – We like to bring baby’s new sound machine for 2 reasons… one the hospital is LOUD. You’ll hear beeps, equipment, wheelchairs and carts rolling down the hall, babies crying and a host of other things. It will help drown out some of the noise for you to sleep and 2. it’s nice for baby to start to get used to the noise from the very beginning so they know that means sleepy time.

Your Hospital Bag Checklist Must-Haves

  • Slippers – Many of you suggested slippers and I know y’all have raved about these in the past!
  • Robe – Several of you also recommended bringing a cozy robe! This Barefoot Dreams one looks crazy soft and comfortable!
  • Towel – Bring a plush bath towel from home to make your hospital-showering experience a little more enjoyable! I don’t personally do this but some of y’all are into it.
  • Hospital Gown (Ingrid & Isabel) – Many of you suggested hospital gowns as alternatives to the hospital ones that are cuter and comfier! One of you said this one was, “So comfortable and soft to labor and deliver in! And great for nursing mamas!”
  • Hospital Gown (Kindred Bravely) – Another hospital gown recommended by y’all! This is one of my favorite brands so I am sure it is good quality and soft!
  • Hospital Gown (Gownies) – Another recommendation – this one is a more traditional hospital gown style but much cuter!
  • Extension Cord – Great to have to plug in your phone or other electronics!
  • Comfy Pajamas – I talked about these pajamas as dupes for the Nordstrom pair that are $$$! I know several people who have these and love them. The buttons are functional which make them great for nursing when baby arrives!
  • Comfy Clothes – Many of you said you packed comfy leggings to wear home or the day after in the hospital. These are post maternity pajama leggings are deceiving! Soft as pajamas but pass as leggings 😉
  • Outfit for Baby – Everyone has their preference for what to bring baby home in! I have heard great things about Kickee Pants and this set is so simple yet looks super soft!
  • Hand Lotion – One of you reminded me to not forget lotion! Great recommendation!
  • Speaker – Music can be calming and motivating during labor! This was another great suggestion! Anyone make playlists for your birth experiences?
  • Peppermint Essential Oil – Great recommendation for soothing/diffusing!
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Lavender as we all know can be relaxing and we are going to need all the rest we can get after having a newborn!

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A Hospital Bag Checklist from a Second Time Mom and Alabama Blogger, Heather Brown, at MyLifeWellLoved.com // #hospitalbag #pregnancy #momlife

Shop the Hospital Bag Checklist Post: 1. Robe // 2. Depends // 3. Long Phone Charging Cable // 4. Nursing Nightgown // 5. Slippers // 6. Nursing Bra // 7. Earrings

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    Great recommendations! I will be for sure using some of these products. I noticed that peppermint oil is listed. I have been trying to gain more knowledge of oils. I think that peppermint oil is not recommended of use around infants?.? You will have to check behind me to make sure.?.

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