Top 10+ Best Daily Devotionals For Moms And Their Kids

Top 10 best daily devotionals for moms and their kids / My Life Well Loved / Heather Brown

SHOP The Daily Devotionals For Moms And Kids Post HERE: 1. Embraced // 2. 100 Days to Brave // 3. Strong // 4. New Morning Mercies // 5. Be Still // 6. Candace Cameron Devotional Bible // 7. She Smiles Without Fear // 8. Risen Motherhood // 9. Indescribable // 10. Creative God Colorful Us // 11. How Great Is Our God // 12. 99 Stories From The Bible // 13. The Jesus Storybook Bible // 14. The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross // 15. The Beginner’s Bible // 16. 365 Bible and Prayers

As a mom, one of the best ways that I can spend quality time with my boys is reading with them. Not only does it encourage a love of reading from a young age, but it is such a sweet bonding experience. Especially once they begin to recognize shapes, colors, pictures and words. We love talking through “What’s that?” 4,000 times per page with Finn and hearing tons of distracted 5 year old stories and questions from Leyton, but ultimately we know that spending those short times with them in God’s Word and reading in general is super beneficial for them AND us!

We love to take reading together one step further in our family and incorporate devotionals. You guys always love hearing more about what we are reading with Leyton and FInn and what devos I am currently loving!

The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross // Embraced // New Morning Mercies // Indescribable

Today I’m rounding up the best daily devotionals for moms and kids. Don’t forget to set aside time to have your own devotional, mama, even if it’s only ten minutes. It will be time well spent. When I’m able to, I always try to spend time in the word each morning, it truly gets my day starting off on the right foot and helps me have a better attitude throughout the day.

If I’m being honest, I have to tell you that usually my devotional looks like reciting Scripture or Biblical daily affirmations with the boys in the car or listening to some of the free devotional apps (listed below) while I’m driving from preschool pick up to Burn Bootcamp! Not every day can be a perfectly laid out prayer journal, markers and a cup of coffee, though I certainly wish it could be!

Some of my favorite resources to use for my busy mom on the go devotionals in the car are the Glorify app, the Churchome app, as well as anything from She Reads Truth! I love that you can put the Churchome app and Glorify app on audio and listen to it in your car! I also LOVE to blast worship music in my kitchen while working or fixing lunch or in my car to re-center my heart when needed.

I’m also going to share YOUR favorite Bible studies below, don’t miss ’em! If it’s easier for you to shop them down below in the widget via photos, you can find them there too!

YOUR Favorite Devotionals For Moms And Kids:

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