Faith at Home: 30+ Tips to Incorporate Faith with your Kids

Sharing how we incorporate faith at home with our kids by Heather Brown at My Life Well Loved // #faithforkids #faithathome #faithbasedhome

Sharing how we incorporate faith at home with our kids by Heather Brown at My Life Well Loved // #faithforkids #faithathome #faithbasedhome

Sharing how we incorporate faith at home with our kids by Heather Brown at My Life Well Loved // #faithforkids #faithathome #faithbasedhome

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I can’t believe it’s Easter weekend! Y’all have asked me to write a post about how we incorporate faith in our home ever since I had Heather’s guest post on Easy Bible Verses Toddlers Can Memorize & Faith Activities for Families. Although I certainly know I have room to grow in this area, I think there are a few things we do that I hope will help Finn and Leyton come to know the Lord and have a personal relationship with Him one day on their own.

I think a lot of times as adults and specifically moms, we try to overcomplicate our faith, overthink what we should do and shouldn’t do and struggle to then do anything because we feel so paralyzed by figuring out WHAT to do with our kids and our faith.

Sharing how we incorporate faith at home with our kids by Heather Brown at My Life Well Loved // #faithforkids #faithathome #faithbasedhome

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that it starts with baby steps. I’ve been amazed at how Leyton has picked up on things even when I don’t think he’s paying attention. Here’s a few things we do in our home to help make faith a part of our family’s day to day life. And please know above all to give yourself grace!

Momming is HARD and sometimes it’s a win if you just remember to pray before dinner when one toddler has to go “poo poo” but you know it’s just a ploy to get away from having to eat, another kid is throwing avocado on the floor and your dinner is half burned on the stove. Grace not perfection, friends. We’ve GOT THIS! Love y’all!

Ideas for How to Teach Your Child About God:

  • SING! Ever since Leyton was a baby, and now with Finn, we sing Jesus Loves Me & The Doxology before bed. Now, at the age of 3 Leyton knows most of the words to both songs. Sometimes we just get a little stuck on saying Jesus Loves Me over and over again without moving onto the “The Bible tells me so” part and continue to sing Jesus Loves Me words instead, ha!You don’t have to have the best voice to sing in front of your kids, you can even google Youtube Bible songs to learn some new songs together if you want!

Sharing how we incorporate faith at home with our kids by Heather Brown at My Life Well Loved // #faithforkids #faithathome #faithbasedhome

  • Get a Bible based CD or podcast to listen to with your kids: Leyton got a CD for his birthday from our church that has sweet Christian lullabies on it and he calls it his “birthday music.” He requests it several times a week! I also stumbled upon KIDS BIBLE STORIES podcast that we’ve started listening too. It’s a little mature for Leyton still but we still listen occasionally. If you are looking for more Chrisian-based podcasts, you can check out this full list HERE!
  • Church: This seems obvious but making it a priority to be at church each week shows your kids that it’s important to you. What you view as important will rub off of them and they will thus view it as important.
  • Bible Study/ Small Group: Watching us be in community with other believers and fellowship together and pray etc gives them context for how believers live out the gospel by fellowshipping with others.
  • Our Actions: Our actions more than likely look different than the world’s. They pick up and see more than we think they do!Sharing how we incorporate faith at home with our kids by Heather Brown at My Life Well Loved // #faithforkids #faithathome #faithbasedhome
  • Prayer: We pray each night before dinner and bed and ask Leyton if he has anything or anyone he wants to pray for.
  • We talk about things in relation to God and attributes of Him: For instance when Leyton asks about thunder or rain, I’ll tell him things like God is a caring God and he wants to give water to all the animals, so he gives us the rain to water the plants so they grow and to give the animals a bath or water they need. It takes more time and effort but when I can take the time to think through how to relate his questions back to the character of God, I try to seize the opportunity.
  • Make God a part of your daily conversations: For instance, when we go on walks we may hear birds singing and I’ll say, “Oh man! Do you hear those birds singing to God?!” They sound so happy!
  • Memory Verse: This is pretty new for us but after reading Heather’s guest post here on MLWL about Easy Bible Verses Toddlers Can Memorize  Leyton and I have started making this part of our new normal. We try to do this in the car or during activities. In fact, the Easter Egg Easter Story book and egg I got even has Bible verse memory cards so you can easily put them in the car or on their bedside table to help you be reminded to do them.
  • Use Biblical Terminology in Your Discipline Moments: One nugget I’ve picked up from a parenting book we did in a women’s Bible study was to use words like obey, honor, and other words that are Biblically sound guidance for instruction and reproof. This will familiarize my kids with Biblical language and helps them to know why to obey. A great book we’ve used to introduce Biblical words to our kids is The Beginner’s Bible First 100 Bible Words, an illustrated board book of key Bible words perfect for babies and toddlers!

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. -Ephesians 6:1

Sharing how we incorporate faith at home with our kids by Heather Brown at My Life Well Loved // #faithforkids #faithathome #faithbasedhome

Your Faith in Family Life Ideas:

  • Be a detective- Be on the lookout for people in the act of doing GOOD
  • Fill a box with challenging questions of their faith. Ex. How do we know God exists?
  • Learn how to sing Jesus loves me in English and Spanish
  • Eat together, Pray together, Play together
  • Bedtime memory verse
  • We read the Bible out loud several times a day. I’ve made a playlist of songs that are just scripture so even my toddler knows it. We pray together. We repent to one another. Especially when we’ve wronged the kids. @rcole15
  • Praying before our nightly meal together. @a.armstrong91
  • My parents always encourage faith but let us discover it on our own. We didn’t have to go to church if we didn’t want to but it was always highly encouraged. My parents showed us how excited they were for church and how much they loved it and the Lord and it encouraged me to want to feel the same. I’m grateful they let me develop my own faith rather than forcing me into a relationship with God before I could understand what it meant. @allymishell
  • Open discussion. We can’t incorporate if we don’t acknowledge. @mrs_hollyg
  • When we wake up in the morning I ask how are we going to make Jesus smile today. Leads to discussion. @daniellesdarlings
  • Prayers. Talking about Jesus whenever we can. My kids always have a ton of questions! @lindsw103
  • Service to others and talk about why we serve and nightly prayer @twosweetberries
  • My daughter is only 2 but we pray on the way to daycare.we bless our food and have bed time prayers. We also talk about Jesus and her Bible. On the way to church we also build up learning about god and Jesus. I’m also a BIG fan of worship music any time all the time. @whitneyd_gay
  • We have family worship at night. Read, sing, pray. It’s not perfect but our kids expect it. @leslieirons
  • Daily bible lessons. @eedesignsllc
  • My kids love to pray so we let them pray before dinner a lot and at bedtime @mrstoombs89
  • One of our pastors told us about an app called parent cue. My oldest is 4 and it does videos that she likes to watch a bedtime. And it tells bible stories in a way she can understand. And it has questions you can ask them about the story. It’s been very helpful for her to understand. @andrea_edwards26
  • I pray out loud a lot so my kids can hear and join me if they want. Reading bible stories. Praying together at night, kids worship songs in the car/at home, Jesus story book bible, honestly just having open convos about Jesus and tying it into our day. @susieq_hughes
  • Praying all the time! Before meals, before bed, out loud during tantrums and hard times @suzanneeking
  • We attend church almost every Sunday, listen to worship and sermons in the car, and have the girls pray before meals. @dlizziebeth
  • Worship music, family devotions, serving at church, etc @britthildebrand
  • Pray over every meal, we follow a faith based marriage journal, and try to give each other grace @emilyjfry
  • Worship music @emdoeshouses
  • By example – praying and reading the Bible in front of and with our kids @radevick
  • Our kids are 23 and 20 but still at home, going to college. But we still have family bible study/Prayer time each night as a family @_princess.sunshine_
  • We pray before dinner and try to keep an open dialogue about Jesus @bamaworkingmom
  • For Easter specifically we have a 12 day countdown that we use to talk about the story of Christ. It has kid friendly wording and symbols along with the Bible verse. @jensirko


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Sharing how we incorporate faith at home with our kids by Heather Brown at My Life Well Loved // #faithforkids #faithathome #faithbasedhome

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