Top 50 Best Worship Songs: The Ultimate Worship Playlist

The ultimate worship playlist filled with the best worship songs by life + style Alabama blogger, Heather Brown at My Life Well Loved // #worship #worshipplaylist #playlist #christian

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When your morning starts out with a diaper blow out, your toddler having a meltdown, no time to put on makeup and your hair loaded with more pounds of dry shampoo than you’d care to admit, it can be hard to start off your day on a happy foot. Am I right?!

It can also be hard to get in your morning devotional sometimes in the midst of early-rising babies, job demands, and the general chaos of life, AND that’s when my best worship songs playlist comes in clutch! I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, listening to worship music and a positive mindset making “bad days” into good days.

One of the little mantras I’ve said for years is, “If this is the worst thing that happens to me today, I’m doing alright!” I’ve also heard others say things like, turn your “I have to’s” into “I get to’s”. So for instance, I have to change this dirty diaper, becomes I get to change this dirty diaper and talk with my baby. Instead of saying I have to go to the store, it’s I get to go to the store because I have the resources to put food on our table that many others don’t.

I like these thought processes because they put the focus on the positive and remind us of the many countless blessings we often forget to take note of. I can always feel the moment that I turn on my favorite worship songs that my attitude, my outlook and everything about my focus shifts. I actually listened to a podcast from Matt Chandler at The Village Church about worship I really enjoyed and thought it was worth a listen if you want some more perspective on worship and the role it plays in our relationship with God.

Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing! -Psalm 100:2

Below you’ll see some of my favorite worship songs and I even picked Eric’s brain to get some of our favorites we listen to in his car a lot too. Feel free to subscribe to my Spotify playlist and listen to them to start your day off on the right foot. I hope you’ll find it as uplifting as I do! There are a little over 20 songs on it currently but I’m always adding to it.

Best Worship Songs Playlist

Thank you so much to those of you who have already sent in suggestions. I’ll definitely be checking a lot of these out and have even added some of them to my playlist if they weren’t already there! You’ll notice Lauren Daigle’s songs were a very popular choice below. Click here to go directly to my worship playlist on Spotify!

  1. Reckless Love- Corey Asbury- @Kristynfarmer , @hannasters , @sandpiper_lane, @vannahlawler , @dezraeann0830
  2. You Say- Lauren Daigle- mzinkhann , hannasters , sjleth , lowilliams812 , vannahlawler , averyquinnbottom
  3. Living Hope- Paul Wickham- Sav_offner , a_beritriley , jenderosse, drjamieweaver , carmen_hilbert
  4. Who You Say I Am- Kristynfarmer , hannasters , _shelby_pope_ , tmhardy12 , tay.cardell
  5. Hills and Valleys- Tauren Wells- kaitlynhodge_ , kristynfarmer , ellenhake , bosermom
  6. Joy- Upper Room- _christina.jones , priscillacruess
  7. Rescue- Lauren Daigle- mrs_gorrity , stantonpartyof5
  8. Survivor- Zack Williams Band- alliebcamp
  9. Known- Tauren Wells- kaitlynhodge_ , sjleth , joneswiebe
  10. My Revival- Lauren Daigle- allisynsanchez
  11. Oceans- Hillsong- Molly_stinchcomb , mamablessedbygrace , mrszwerner
  12. Red Letters- miranda_piatt
  13. Well Done- miranda_piatt
  14. Love Came Down- miranda_pitt
  15. Oh Lord- Lauren Daigle- ohhappyhotalings , mdukart610
  16. Home- United Pursuit- augustrgriffith
  17. Defender- Franny B- emullady
  18. Stand in Your Love- Josh Baldwin – brittanylriddle
  19. Nothing Else- Cody Carnes- beckon
  20. Raise a Hallelujah- Hillsong- steph.mcelmurray1
  21. Establish the Work of Our Hands- Porter’s Gate – Hannasters
  22. Farther Along- Josh Garrels- hannasters
  23. Confidence- Sanctus Real- katk21 , ally_0731
  24. Build My Life- hannasters
  25. Heart Wont Stop- John Mark McMillan- hannasters
  26. No Matter What- Ryan Stevenson- sjleth
  27. Like Jericho- Natalie Cromwell- natcrom
  28. Bigger Than I Thought- Passion- rachelbowman94
  29. Do It Again- Elevation Worship- webba01, katarynkayleigh
  30. Peace Be Still- Lauren Daigle- jdkimberling
  31. Tremble- kelseyjohawkins , stilettodiapers
  32. Still Rolling Stones- Lauren Daigle- kbult2
  33. Counting Every Blessing- Rend Collective- I.pendas , ally_0731
  34. New Wine- Hillsong- ashleyjomarsalis
  35. At the Cross- Chris Tomlin- thelavendertassel
  36. Burn the Ships- For King and Country- kimberly.burdick81
  37. Holy Spirit- Francesca Battistelli- dlizziebeth
  38. There is a Name- Sean Feucht- sierraoneal241
  39. More Than Anything- Natalie Grant- racheleannjohnson
  40. Raise a Hallelujah- Bethel- thewhitehouseinalabama
  41. Multiplied- NEEDTOBREATHE- annie.bresko
  42. So Will I- Hillsong- jessicapatton_
  43. Til I Found You- Phil Wickham- cristinazier
  44. Rebuilder- Carrollton- casssdrake
  45. How Great Thou Art- Carrie Underwood or Pentatonix- mack_cundery
  46. Come to the Table- Sidewalk Prophets- mamablessedbygrace
  47. Good Good Father- tay.cardell
  48. No Longer Slaves- tay.cardell
  49. Chain Breaker- tay.cardell
  50. What a Beautiful Name- Hillsong- tay.cardell , mrstoombs89
  51. Resounding Yes!- Heather Wallace- rebekahmary
  52. Look Up Child- Lauren Daigle- seabritt
  53. There is a Cloud- Elevation Worship- annawalton_
  54. How Can It Be- Lauren Daigle- sepaetow, Sarah.Jewell.Harper
  55. Stand In Your Love- lbowl88
  56. The Great I Am- sierraertle
  57. Anthem Lights- Easter Melody- haley9595
  58. Shepard of My Soul- Rivers and Robots- wiriidianaaa_
  59. Love Lifted Me- Kelly Minter- katieellen218
  60. Good Grace- Hillsong- jess.yates.16
  61. Another Hallelujah- Elevation Worship- allieboo4eva
  62. Resurrecting- Elevation Worship- rachnutt21
  63. Jesus Loves Me because my son sings it nonstop. Its a Banger.- goglin_coupons

Click here to go directly to my worship playlist on Spotify!

What am I missing on my favorite worship songs playlist? I’d love to add some more for variety so please send over your favorites! Looking for more faith based posts? Click HERE!

Heather Brown helps busy mamas of young littles who are caught in the hustle to find encouragement in their journey to true health, from the inside out, starting with the heart. Read her journey of learning to live a life well-loved HERE!


  1. Amanda Boser
    January 11, 2019 / 11:29 am

    Super excited to listen to all of these! Are they in your Spotify playlist? Might have to create one myself! But first, figure out how to create a Spotify playlist! ?

    • Heather
      January 13, 2019 / 10:24 pm

      No, I didn’t add ALL the suggestions to my playlist. I added several that were mentioned a few times that I liked but wanted to go through them all first and make sure I love them before I added them all 😉

  2. Heather
    January 21, 2019 / 10:20 am

    Where can I find you on Spotify? It’s not popping up!

  3. Diane
    March 14, 2020 / 1:26 pm

    A couple of oldies: Hold Me Jesus/ Big Daddy Weave;
    Good Good Father/ Chris Tomlin;
    Fight for Me / GAWI;
    Goodness of God/ Bethel Music (just moves me);
    And almost anything by Zach Williams or Matt Maher;
    Nobody/Casting Crowns

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