Easy Breakfast Hack For The Busy School Mom: Treasure Hunt Cereal

Breakfast Hack

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Mornings can be so hectic during the school year, especially as we get back into the swing of things in January! I shared some hacks for your morning routine a few weeks ago! Today I’m sharing a major breakfast hack: Treasure Hunt Cereal. By sharing this tip, I’m giving you a sneak peak into my Healthy Eating: Kid’s Edition eBook which is FULL of more ideas like this! I’ve got so many tips for you that will help you focus on healthy eating as we kick off the new year!

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I don’t like my boys consuming too much high-sugar breakfast cereals. If you’re like me, you try to find fun ways to help them want to eat healthier choices!

Here’s the TREASURE HUNT CEREAL HACK: I will sometimes add 1 part of the sugary cereal to 2 parts of a low-sugar, high-fiber, multigrain cereal. Then it becomes a “treasure hunt” to eat it all and find the sweet stuff!

Breakfast Hack

When Leyton was Finn’s age, I started saying we were going to play TREASURE HUNT. He had to go on a hunt to alternate his bites of cereal. First, he could eat a bite of his favorite cereal (the sugary Lucky Charms) but the next bite had to be Cheerios or something equivalent. Instead of getting a full serving of just the high-sugar cereal, he was getting a half serving PLUS a full serving of the full-fiber and more healthy option.

Whenever I have a little more time or want to make it a bit more special, we will make our own treasure hunt combining all kinds of different things: chocolate chips (the TINY morsels), oatmeal squares, cheerios, and peanuts for a little added protein. I’ll have them hunt to do a bite of each of the ingredients before they can eat all the chocolate out first. This game helps them get the nutrients they need, and still get the feel like they’re not missing out on their favorite things! It’s a “win win” for mom and kiddo.

Do you have a breakfast hack I need to know about? Send me a message on Instagram or leave me a comment below!

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