Dear Leyton: Birthday Wishes For My 5 Year Old Son

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To My First Little Buddy, 

Leyton, wow, what a year of growth this has been for you! I am AMAZED that you have matured so much in the past year. Even just this morning when we got you up, you had already gotten dressed for the day before you ever came out of your room…say WHAT?! 

If three was the year of tantrums, outbursts, and just incessant questioning, 4 was the year of talking non-stop with fewer questions, growing in maturity, learning to love not only the beach, but being IN the ocean (yay!), and learning how to handle this role of big brother like a BOSS.

You and Finn are so good for each other. He pushes you outside your comfort zone and teaches you to be a little tougher and you show him how to care, teach him words almost weekly at this point it seems and show him how to do ALL. THE. THINGS. “the Leyton way” or in your humble opinion, the ONLY right way. Wonder where you got that from?! Looks all too knowingly at Eric…

You are truly your daddy’s son. So much of what you do, your mannerisms, everything is an ode to your beloved Daddy. One of the first things you ask me when I get you up each morning is, “Where’s Daddy?”

You are scared of thunder so we’ve started calling them baby thunder or big brother thunder or the dreaded daddy thunder that’s all too loud. You are also scared of fireworks, slightly dramatic when you fall, and surprisingly unafraid of snakes, lizards, and frogs. You still love chasing and watching lizards and I think they’re usually your favorite animal when we ask. 😉 You caught quite a few frogs this year and love to hunt for them in the backyard. In fact on your birthday party morning, you kissed a frog your daddy caught and said, “EWWW! That tastes gross!” Yes, indeed it does, ha, my silly boy, you are so funny to me in your own way!

You still love to suck that “corner kit” of your blanket with your thumb for nap and bedtime. You also always say, “When I get up from nap…” referring to bedtime and are very particular about getting ice in your water, having the bathroom door cracked just right, your closet door shut, and all the things RIGHT before going to bed. Sometimes I think it just gives you a few extra moments with mommy or daddy and you love that part most.

When we said our bedtime prayers tonight for the first time you told me you wanted to do it, but you seemed unsure of how to, so we said it together and it was super sweet. You seemed to think you needed to repeat after mommy like when we say Bible verses.

About half my photos of you this year, you have that tongue stuck out or you’re looking away from the camera. Pictures still aren’t really your favorite but you are at least becoming somewhat more compliant about them, which mommy greatly appreciates, especially considering it’s part of my job. Bless your little busy body, boy heart! It’s hard for you to be bothered to stay still for that long.

You love your family something fierce but MAN, you get jealous of “that baby” as you call him 50x a day. You can’t stand for him to come in your room and you will OCD style shut both doors to your room every time you leave so Finn can’t get in. You love to tell Finn what to do and not to do and tell mommy how it should all go down too. You always kiss and hug Finn goodnight and he tells you “byeeee” for bedtime and it’s so sweet. You guys are “BUDDDDDIES” as you always holler with Daddy. It’s so adorable!

You love playing on your bike or scooter, the pool/water park/splash pad, my robe, rocket ships, carousels, the zoo, getting our “turkeys up” with our hands to say our Thanksgiving memory verse or daily affirmation, watching Paw Patrol, Frozen II, or anything with trucks or vehicles. 

Leyton Samuel, I hope you know more than anything little boy that you are all too fast becoming a big boy. And a big boy that we become prouder and prouder of EVERY year. Every year when I look at pictures and videos from the beginning of the year to the end it just slays my mama heart. You are so sensitive though that you realize it and ask me if I’ll be OK on your birthday. You said today, “Are you gonna be sad, Mommy, that I’m getting so big?” I, of course, tell you that “No, I’m so excited!” but I think we both know how sentimental your birthday makes me.

Your daddy and I are overwhelmed at the joy it is to parent you, Leyton. You have our hearts, our smiles, our cuddles, and our laughs. We love you with all our hearts!



Favorite Sayings From This Year:

  • Bite-a-mins for vitamins
  • Can I tell you something? (Said before almost EVERY sentence or question that comes out of your mouth.)
  • You’re just being kidding when you’re trying to say “You’re just kidding, mommy?”
  • “Jump jump” for inflatables
  • “Sprinkler” for sprinkles
  • “Don’t look at me, ok?” Usually then hides in a very obvious spot under his blankets or is building something!
  • Dancing to the “chicken song” – Justin Beiber & Ed Sheeran “I Don’t Care”

5 Year Old Stats:

Height: 43” tall
Weight: 36.1 lbs


Birthday Traditions:

We had planned to go to the water park tomorrow but found out they are only open on weekends currently. So, our game plan is to enjoy the day with “Mrs. Lindsay” and Shiloh. We’ll have our annual balloons walk out from his room, head to Burn Boot Camp & then either hit up the splash pad or Oak Mountain State Park depending on the weather. Leyton doesn’t know it yet, but we are also going to let him open one more gift tomorrow when Daddy gets off work that he sneaked back to Costco to get. 

We’ll let Leyton pick lunch tomorrow and dinner will probably be super simple since I have Parent’s Orientation for his school. Finn will of course soak up all the yummy treats that come throughout the day with us, ha!

Leyton’s Video:

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