Leyton is 12 Months Old

My Life Well Loved: Leyton is 12 months old


My Life Well Loved: Leyton is 12 months old


My Life Well Loved: Leyton is 12 months old
My Life Well Loved: Leyton is 12 months old


My Life Well Loved: Leyton is 12 months old

Dear Leyton,

You are 12 months old…one year!!!! How in the world did this happen so fast?

Seeing as how you are almost 14 months old, it’s probably about time I wrote your 12 month old update, huh? We threw a HUGE BALLOON FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY for you and had so much fun. Some of your baby friends were here, some of our closest friends, and family members. Per usual, you were all about the balloons!

In fact, the only way I could get you to sit still for these photos and smile for mere seconds was by having “da-da” wave a balloon around my head. Your joy is contagious! Your smile and laugh are some of the best things I hear and see each day. When we crack open your nursery door to get you up from your nap and watch you break into the biggest smile over seeing us…Well, it’s just one of the best feelings in the world.

One of the best things I’ve ever experienced with you also happened this week. You and da-da were already home for the day and I walked in from work. As soon as you saw me walk in the door, you hit all 4’s crawling as fast as you could towards me to greet me. Once you got close enough, you popped up on your knees and started reaching for me. Once I hugged you, you pulled yourself up to standing and literally hugged me and smiled and laughed. IT WAS THE BEST. You seriously bring so much joy and laughter to our days. What a special little boy you are!!

Your favorite birthday gifts so far have been anything on wheels (especially your dump truck from Aunt Cathy & the trash cans and driver you like to use as teething toys), your BBQ set from Uncle Kyle & Aunt Aron, and just the balloon decor itself. In fact, we used some leftover balloons to get you to smile for these photos!

This past month you have started walking around while holding onto your wooden block cube, walker or our hands but have no interest in walking on your own yet. We can tell you are getting closer and will go when you are ready. You also get up more on your knees and push your high chair all around. you clap your hands more on demand, and like to try to imitate our intonation and laughs.

You are starting to have some separation anxiety. You’d rather be held by Momma Mackey, momma or “da-da” when possible. You get upset if momma or da-da leaves the room. You immediately burst into tears and start crawling towards us, but we hear from the babysitter or nursery workers that thankfully you stop within a few seconds.

Your new favorite foods are Goldfish (or Aldi’s penguins), bananas and yogurt. Your gag reflex seems to be getting much better. You also love the book, Good Night, Farm. At the end of each page, it says good night , pigs or good night, owl and every time we says that you make a little baby grunt as if you are trying to tell them good night too while drinking your milk.

At 12 Months:

  • You eat 3 meals a day now with some snacks in between. Favorites include: bananas, yogurt with granola, strawberries, goldfish, crackers, broccoli, corn and beans.
  • Naps:  You take a morning and afternoon nap (typically about 1.5 hours long each) and a little cat nap around 5ish if needed.
  • Loves: Getting tickled, night time bath and mommy playing with you and your towel, giddy up horsey with daddy, any kind of ball for you to chase around as you crawl, holding onto anything to stand up, being outside (it always makes you stop crying), trying to get the tv remotes, Dancing and having us throw you up in the air. Blowing bubbles.
  • You are drinking whole milk out of a sippy cup 3-4 times a day.
  • Weight: 17lbs 11 oz
  • Diapers: Size 3 but using size 4 at night because there’s too much liquid overnight now
  • Clothes: 9 months, some 12 months stuff but pants are long
  • Nicknames: Little Buddy, Kicky Pants, Mr. Buddy, Buddy, Nugget/Nugs, Baby Buddy

We love you with all our heart, buddy and can’t wait to celebrate another year of you!

In case you missed Leyton’s 11 month update you can see it HERE.

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  1. Susan Mackey
    October 29, 2016 / 12:32 am

    Best little Buddy ever! We are so thankful for you, Leyton, and enjoyed celebrating your first birthday with you! Loved watching you with your balloons! We are so blessed that you came into our lives and we thank God for you! xoxoxo

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