Leyton is 11 Months Old!

My Life Well Loved: Leyton is 11 months old


My Life Well Loved: Leyton is 11 months old


My Life Well Loved: Leyton is 11 months old

Dear Leyton,

Every month it gets harder to take your picture sitting on this Boppy with a sticker on while being still. It’s a massive juggling act. So, thank goodness I got your dad in on the action this time. I had him hold up one of your favorite toys to try to look up and smile at to make you be still and give us a smirk for at least 5 second increments. You are teething pretty badly since your second tooth just came in so you have CONSTANTLY had your little tongue out as shown above.

This was a big month because we went to the beach with the Mackey side of our family (Momma Mackey & Grandaddy, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Holly). We left daddy at home to work….Boo! But he jokes that somebody’s gotta pay the bills. You did your typical mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, nervous sound every time we would get in the ocean, and hold me tight but then once we got past the breakers and put you in your baby float, you LOVED it. You thought it was the pool and started trying to dunk your little head in the water.

My Life Well Loved: Leyton at Beach


Heather of My Life Well Loved & Leyton at Orange Beach Cobalt Restaurant

We kept you up a little late almost every night to go out to dinner (Luna’s & Cobalt) in Orange Beach but you handled it like a dream up until the end of each evening. We just gave you straw after straw or a menu to keep you entertained at your high chair.

Mommy and Daddy left you to party with your grandparents and Aunt Holly and Uncle Andrew while we went to the lake with our friends the McGarrah’s and Sydney and Alex to celebrate Ms. Erin’s 30th birthday. You LOVED chasing the kitty cats at Holly’s and you adore Madi.

We took you to our alma mater, Samford University to walk around for the first time this month and that was so fun! You even met good ol’ Mr. Beeson.

One new thing that you’ve started doing that I just think is adorable is crawling up to me and then wanting to pull yourself up so you are standing at my knees. That’s when I know you really want to be held. Almost every night when I take you back to bed now, you rest your head against my cheek and pop your thumb in your mouth while I tell you that Mommy & Daddy love you but Jesus loves you even more.

You are also babbling now more than ever. You are waving Bye Bye, saying Bababababa a lot and Dada! We love all your noises and talking. It’s just the cutest thing. I cannot believe you will turn one on Wednesday, baby boy! We love you so much!!!

At 11 Months:

  • You still want to eat after about 3-3.5 hours. You have 3 solid food meals a day and due to your gag reflex most of it is still baby food. You like berries, carrots, bananas. Regardless of whether you like it or not, pretty much everything that goes in your mouth you make a disgusted look at. But then we know you actually like it if you open your mouth again to take more when we bring you another bite. You love to toss your sippy cup from your high chair to make mom and dad get it for you over and over again. You are obsessed with the cold sensation of drinking ice water from mommy’s glass. We think it feels good on your teething gums. You are still breastfed but you are typically too busy to bother with anything other than a bottle unless it’s first thing in the morning and you are starving.
  • Naps:  You take a morning and afternoon nap (typically about 1.5 hours long each) and a little cat nap around 5ish if needed.
  • Loves: Getting tickled, night time bath and mommy playing with you and your towel, giddy up horsey with daddy, any kind of ball for you to chase around as you crawl, holding onto our coffee table to stand up, being outside (it always makes you stop crying), trying to get the tv remotes, Block Toy. Dancing and having us throw you up in the air. Sticking your tongue out.
  • You started whole milk this month. We did 1/4 organic whole milk to 3/4 breast milk to start but as mommy’s frozen supply got used up now you are doing the opposite as we close in on one year.
  • Weight: 17lbs ?
  • Diapers: Size 3 but using size 4 at night because there’s too much liquid overnight now
  • Clothes: 6-12 months, 9 months, some 12 months stuff
  • Nicknames: Little Buddy, Kicky Pants, Mini Brown, Buddy, Little Speedster, Nugget/Nugs, Baby Buddy
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  1. Susan Mackey
    August 30, 2016 / 4:58 pm

    We love you more and more, Little Buddy Boy!! We are convinced that you are the cutest baby boy ever created and are so thankful to our Lord for you! You are more fun and sweet every time I see you <3 xoxoxoxo

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