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Thirty-Seven Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate

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Thirty-Seven Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate:

Size? Baby is the size of a bunch of swiss chard…(Wow, we are really grasping for veggies at this point, ha!)

Total weight gain: 39 lbs – Looking at my bump THIS TIME vs when I was pregnant with Leyton at the same time last year is QUITE the difference. I’m betting my ultrasound this week will show that this baby boy is measuring bigger than Leyton!

Maternity clothes & Favorite New Maternity Piece? I just got in this new nursing shirt from Jessica Simpson line at Macy’s and am obsessed that I can wear it while pregnant and after! Yay for a multi-tasker. In case you missed it this week, we did a full roundup of some of our favorite bump-friendly but NON-MATERNITY Amazon Prime finds that I think y’all will continue to love. It was by far one of the most popular posts in the past few weeks. And of course another very popular post was my baby sprinkle recap post…it was so fun to share with y’all!

1 Thing I am Currently Having Trouble With: Y’all baby boy is getting big, and heavy and even just simple tasks are hard. I wanted to spend time with my family out washing cars in the driveway today and helping with a meal and my back was like ummmm no, we are done. My body is just over being this pregnant. I feel like a beached whale just trying to get up off the couch at this point. Ha!

Thirty-Seven Weeks Pregnant

Best moment this week: This was a toss up between Leyton and I’s zoo day with my mom and my Pure Barre baby sprinkle for very different reasons, obviously! I had the BEST time watching Leyton feed a giraffe pieces of lettuce for the first time. He was SO cute running up to the giraffe, handing her the lettuce and then running back to me before giving her more. The video I got is priceless.

Thirty-Seven Weeks Pregnant

Thirty-Seven Weeks Pregnant

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Then I really enjoyed my Pure Barre baby sprinkle with Kac because it was so good for the soul to have girl time. I love cutting loose with those girls and the community means so much to me.

Sleep: I actually feel like it’s better this go round than it was with Leyton overall. I don’t know if I just remember it being worse than it was or it was because we moved into a new house when I was 8 months pregnant with Leyton but this time sleep is by far better. I just have a hard time flopping around, of course. And then I don’t even have to get up every night to go pee. Maybe that’s because I’m staying up so late? I will say that when Eric tells me goodbye in the morning, I have a hard time going back to sleep sometimes which I also just read in my Leyton bumpdates was a similar scenario I had forgotten.

1 thing I plan to do for myself this week: I’m meeting up with 2 girlfriends this week for a walk on separate days and trying to still exercise at least 4 days a week because I know I’ll miss it when I can’t after baby for a bit! I also need to call and get a hair appointment scheduled for keratin/trim/color touch up before baby gets here, yikes!

Movement: You should see this boy moving at night. It is a sight to behold when I’m still enough to really see him moving his knees and booty and everything else all around. Eric said to me this week, “when I can feel him on the outside, it feels like one of those massaging chairs but it’s coming from in your belly. That has to be the craziest feeling!”

Food Cravings: watermelon, dessert, La Croix, anything to make me feel better at this point, ha!

Gender: male!

Labor signs: 2 cm dialated

Symptoms: Sciatic nerve pain is more frequent this week…it makes me double over or stop walking – so painful! Peeing every 5 minutes, constant thirst- (living in the Alabama heat + pregnancy + workouts ain’t easy, y’all!), lower back pain when I stand too long (I know this would be so much worse if I weren’t going to the chiropractor!), HEAVY feeling.

Belly Button in or out? It’s pretty much as far to flat/somewhat out as it can be and the dark line is in full force down my belly as well.

Looking forward to: We get to do an extra ultrasound this week to see measurement of baby due to my traumatic delivery with Leyton last time. I’m excited to see the baby on the screen! I’m not going to lie, I’m also looking forward to not being pregnant anymore and having baby here although we still have so much to do before he gets here, ha!

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