036: How To Prioritize Your Passions As A Mom Without Feeling Guilty With Ashlee Gadd

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Since one of the first podcasts many moons ago, y’all have told me about Coffee and Crumbs and that I needed to have Ashlee Gadd on the podcast. I’m so excited because we finally made it happen for you guys! 

Ashlee is a storyteller, photographer, and founder of Coffee and Crumbs – a platform encouraging women in their everyday lives, especially if they have kiddos. I love her website because you can feel God’s presence and women’s hearts all over it. Her first book, “Create Anyway,” was released in March of this year.

I hope you love this conversation on how to prioritize your passions as a mom without feeling guilt as much as I did and scoop up her book today!

Listen close and leave a comment on Instagram about ONE takeaway that really stuck with you. I know I have a few to share!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How motherhood affected Ashlee’s life and how she got her start in blogging “gritty stories”
  • How Ashlee encourages Christian women in their mind, body, and spirit while living in a broken world
  • The turning points that helped Ashlee embrace her truth and reframe her mindset
  • How to view your motherhood as adding value to your life and not stealing time away from your art
  • Why our kids need to see us creating and investing in ourselves
  • How moms can stay away from the pitfalls of perfectionism and rely on Christ

Resources from this episode:

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