Top 16 Best Water Bottles For Kids To Stay Hydrated All Year Long

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As a busy boy mom to a 6 year old and 3 year old, I certainly know there is a never-ending line of sports and therefore water bottles ahead of me. Just as much of a struggle as it was to find the best sippy cup and leak-proof cups for them as babies and young toddlers, we are now at the point where Leyton needs a water bottle to take to school and a great one for soccer practice. Finn will join Leyton on the soccer field in the fall so, needless to say there will be no shortage of water bottles to be had at our house.

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As y’all know, I am a self-proclaimed water bottle aficionado. I wrote a whole post on my favorite water bottles that I use. I love the Owala water bottle so much and use it on the daily basis. For tiny hands, we LOVE the smallest Owala water bottle for school and soccer.

I know a lot of y’all get the clear Owala water bottles because your schools require you to have one you can see through – so it’s great that they offer that option! For Leyton and Finn, they can use water bottles that aren’t clear. We really like the insulated ones that keep them colder for longer.

Anyway…without further ado, I’m linking up ALL of our favorite water bottles for kids! Some of them are great for all ages. Some are more for younger toddlers and others can work well all the way up to your pre-teens and high schoolers.

Zulu Torque // Munchkin Whale // CamelBak Dino // Contigo Shark // Munchkin Cat

I hope that this post is a great resource for my fellow parents! If I am missing any other great options, please let me know what I should add to the list! We are always up for trying new water bottles and putting them to the test with our two crazies ;). I certainly believe the water bottle technology has come a long way so putting them through the ringer is so fun for us!

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The Best Water Bottles For Kids:

#1 // Munchkin Orca – No straw, and great for toddlers as they get the hang of water bottles without a nipple.

#2 // Munchkin Cool Cat – This one has a simple locking lid that toddlers can figure out + opens up with a straw! One of Finn’s favorites!

#3 // Owala

#4 // MAKERSLAND Rainbow Collapsible

#5 // CamelBak Shark – Leyton’s go to from ages 3-5!

#6 // Thermos Funtainer

#7 // CamelBak Daisies

#8 // Nalgene Blue

#9 // Hydro Flask

#10 // CamelBak Rainbow Love

#11 // Yeti Rambler Jr.

#12 // CamelBak Dino

#13 // Zulu Torque – It’s a constant back-and-forth between this one and the Owala at our house. Leyton really loves both!

#14 // Klean Kanteen

#15 // Contigo Autoseal Trekker

#16 // Iron Flask


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