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9 Podcasts I’m Listening To Right Now

Sharing the best podcasts of all time by mom and business owner, Heather at MyLifeWellLoved // #momlife #workmom #podcasts #bestpodcasts

For a long time, y’all have been writing to me asking for my go-to podcasts and I have finally gotten around to selecting my favorites I can’t stop listening! So many podcasts pop up everyday so I know it can be hard to keep up with all the latests things to listen to which is why I am so excited to help y’all out with a list of my favorites! Let me know if you listen to any of these too!!

One thing I love about podcasts is how easy they are and I consider them amongst my list of #momhacks! I can listen to them in the car, by the pool, or even while I’m cleaning around the house. They really do keep me entertained while providing me with super useful knowledge from mom life tips to deep spiritual truths to even business and blogging.

As many of you know, Leyton, Finn, and I try to make it outside for at least 30 minutes every day to get some fresh air and MOVE! I love utilizing that time to soak in some truths and knowledge. I typically alternate between podcasts and worship music – be sure to check out my favorite worship playlist HERE! 

If you are wondering, “How do I get podcasts to listen to?”, you are in for a sweet surprise! I listen to my podcasts through the Podcast App on my iPhone! All the podcasts in the app are free! That’s right, FREE! So there is nothing holding you back from tapping into all the wonderful knowledge and goodness these 9 podcasts have to offer!

Podcasts I Have Been Featured On:

Sharing the best podcasts of all time by mom and business owner, Heather at MyLifeWellLoved // #momlife #workmom #podcasts #bestpodcasts

1. The Influencer Podcast – 
A super innovative podcast that shares all the tips and secrets behind what makes a successful influencer. It will take you behind the curtain of some of the most successful bloggers, influencers, and industry leaders to share how they grow their unique influence and engage with their audience!

Sharing the best podcasts of all time by mom and business owner, Heather at MyLifeWellLoved // #momlife #workmom #podcasts #bestpodcasts

2. The Happy Hour

This podcast is such an easy listen and so uplifting. Jamie Ivey, the host, brings a different cohost every week to the show. During the episode, they discuss just about everything under the sun from fashion to faith and anything in between. This podcast will make you cry and laugh all in one!

Sharing the best podcasts of all time by mom and business owner, Heather at MyLifeWellLoved // #momlife #workmom #podcasts #bestpodcasts

3.  Goal Digger

This podcast focuses on all things productivity, social media strategy, business hacks, and inspirational stories from those who have turned their passion into profits! Jenna Kutcher is the host and she is a mastermind in this industry! I love listening to her wisdom and hearing others’ success stories!

Sharing the best podcasts of all time by mom and entrepreneur, Heather at MyLifeWellLoved // #momlife #workmom #podcasts #bestpodcasts

4. That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs – 
Yep! It is just like what the title of the podcast says. Annie Downs shares with us her favorite books, faith convos, travels, musicians and pretty much anything she thinks you shouldn’t miss. If you like fun, this is one I would so recommend!!

Sharing the best podcasts of all time by mom and entrepreneur, Heather at MyLifeWellLoved // #momlife #workmom #podcasts #bestpodcasts

5. Churchome with Judah Smith – 
Here comes those spiritual truths again. Judah Smith is the lead pastor at Churchome and really brings it home everytime he preaches. Many of his sermons talk about the home and family so it is definitely one I love to listen to when wanting some guidance regarding home and family life. Love the way he preaches!

6. The Village Church – Sermons – 
One of my favorite ways to get the gospel these days! Matt Chandler is the pastor of a church in Dallas, Texas and he and his staff share challenging yet encouraging sermons weekly! I love how new and challenging these sermons are and how they truly help me to bring glory to God by encouraging me to continue to read the gospel and listen to what it has to say!

7. A Greater Story with Sam Collier –
One thing that encourages me is seeing other leaders, influencers, and celebrities share stories about their faith and how God has been writing out their story throughout their life and their career. Sam provides a platform for this and does it in a way that is so easy to listen to and so inspiring. Some of his recent guests include Dave Barnes and even Annie F. Downs from the podcast above!!

8. The Messy Table with Jen Jewell – 
This one gets messy and real, in a good way! Jen Jewell partnered with Life.Church sisters to provide a space for real women with imperfect stories and the “God who’s at work in our mess.” I love how encouraging this one is and it really digs at some of those spiritual truths I was talking about earlier 😉

This Cultural Moment – 
Another great resource specifically for how to live following Jesus in a post-Christian world. It is definitely difficult to keep focus on the end goal while moving through so many cultural phases that oftentimes leave Jesus way out of the message. This podcast is modern and so applicable to my daily life.

What Leyton Is Listening To & Loving:

Melon’s House Party

Got a kiddo who’s a music-lover? I recommend giving Melon’s House Party a listen with your little ones! This is such a way to entertain without involving a tv and keeps their minds active as they imagine the characters! 

Leyton (and even Finn!) loves listening to all the adventures Melon has with her friends in her home. This musical story about Melon and her best friend Couch will have your kids dancing along with it. As Melon learns about herself and the world around her, she shows us how to appreciate the little things in life and the importance of friendship and family. 

Brand new episodes are released every Wednesday so there’s always plenty of content to listen to! With super fun and catchy original music, along with an adorable storyline, you may capture your kids’ attention for more than just one 30 minute episode!

Other Podcasts I Can’t Wait to Check Out:

Authors on the Line – 
This podcast connects you to all the best Christian writing today!! It talks all about the themes and relevant current events with authors of popular Christian books. A God glorifying podcast that touches on all sorts of subjects within Christianity!

Surviving Sarah with Sarah Bragg – 
I LOVE this momma of two and her messages on her podcast!! She studied in Seminary and has written a few books on how to navigate through life as girls and women. This podcast is great because it features different guests every week that teach us what it’s like to survive life, your kids, your job, your relationships. It never fails to inspire and encourage me.

Your Favorite Podcasts:

  • Risen Motherhood -@ashleybailey22 & @susieq_hughes & @rachruhe & @kellylep & @courtneyicloud & @cassondraleighn14 & @naturally_douglas & @cookinuplife & @kalishahamilton
  • Rise & Rise Together – @jesshigg & @zwilskyqcm & @fefeclark & @abbiecuny & @hale___yeah & @lifeinlawandcoffeeblog & @finch4life
  • The Popcast – @kfbradsher & @wagilliam & @crazylilrocka & @courtneyicloud & @candaceglass & @themarilynechols
  • Coffee + Crumbs – @livinglifesavvy & @annekeshaw & @allison.lav & @courtneyicloud & @cassondraleighn14 & @cmt2010 (great for mamas/families!)
  • Up and Vanished – @bscouvillion & @beccalewis09 & @courtneyicloud & @sarah.jewell.harper (investigative podcast)
  • For The Love – @kmwdavis17 & @acabernathy & @firefliesandcanopies & @logan_hiatt
  • Struggle Well – @porschadensman & @susanelliott05 & @courtneyicloud
  • Revived Motherhood – @rkjohnson & allisonlange16 & rebekah_cook
  • The Next Right Thing – @amaleah18 & @carmen_hilbert & @courtneyicloud
  • Journey Women – @sburns1120 & amandaelrich & @marycharlesmanning
  • The Purpose Show – @abagailhamilton & ashmariepat
  • Marriage After God – @joysfromjesus &  @lauren_elizabethhh
  • Big Boo Cast – @candaceglass & @gfababybook
  • The Ed Mylett Show – @hale___yeah & @fefeclark
  • This American Life – @curiouserandcuriouserblog & @6screven8
  • Young House Love – @jaelvictoria26 & @kristenmatlack
  • Conversations with John and Lisa – @christenleyland & @karblaker
  • School of Greatness – @bosermom & @jesshigg
  • The Bible Binge – @kfbradsher & @crazylilrocka
  • The Birth Hour – @the_adolph_girls & @curiouserandcuriouserblog (if you are a sucker for good birth stories!)
  • Sep Apart Girl – @abagailhamilton
  • The Ben & Ashley I Podcast – @abagailhamiton (great for bachelor franchise lovers!)
  • The Rise Podcast – @bosermom
  • Amber Lilystorm – @bosermom
  • The Embolden Podcast – @nicoleherzuk
  • True Crime – @livinglifesavvy
  • Havilah’s Podcast – @joysfromjesus
  • Glorious in the Mundane – @susieq_hughes
  • The Purpose Show – @rkjohnson
  • The Basic Mom Cast – @kokosgirl03
  • Freakonomics – @crazylilrocka
  • The Gathering Podcast – @_christinneee
  • The Life Coach School – @abby_calvin
  • Armchair Expert – @marisamunn111
  • Weightless for Busy Physicians – @merryesummers
  • My Favorite Murder – @jesshigg
  • One Extraordinary Marriage – @finch4life
  • Bitch Sesh – @jlycondon
  • Crying Out Loud – @jlycondon
  • Love That Lasts – @emullady
  • Typeology – @courtneyicloud
  • Serial – @courtneyicloud
  • Bulletproof Radio – @mrsvanter
  • Heidi St John – @naturally_douglas
  • Hello Mornings – @naturally_douglas
  • Loose Lips and Childbearing Hips – @aliciar78
  • The Longest Shortest Time – @curiouserandcuriouserblog
  • Invisibilia – @curiouserandcuriouserblog
  • Dear Sugars – @curiouserandcuriouserblog
  • The Bitch Podcast – @cuoreprezioso
  • Potluck Podcast – @meredithtownesmartin
  • The Lazy Genius – @riebeac
  • Sheologians and Scrubbing In – @kaitbanderson
  • Max Out -@lifeinlawandcoffeeblog
  • Unspoken Podcast – @jaelvictoria26
  • Proverbs31 Ministries – @hollyann100
  • Crooked Media – @kaleykaraffa
  • Coffee with Andi – @christenleyland
  • Brain Candy Podcast – @mylittleboxoftricks
  • Modern Mamas – @cookinuplife
  • PK and DK – @runfortheloveofrunning
  • Coffee and People – @chambraymason
  • The Wednesday Conversation – @jackic29
  • Focus on the Family – @kristenblack8
  • What We Said Podcast – @_rylee_alyssa_
  • Skimm’d from the Couch – @bakingmehappy
  • Marriage Today – @karablaker
  • Nestled – @morganleigh711

I hope you found some new podcasts to add to your list of best podcasts of all time! Give any of these best podcasts of all time a listen on your next car ride or walk around your neighborhood! Let me know what you think when you listen to some of these or if you have any that I missed!! I am ALWAYS looking for recommendations and would LOVE to hear what podcasts you are loving!

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Sharing the best podcasts of all time by mom and business owner, Heather at MyLifeWellLoved // #momlife #workmom #podcasts #bestpodcasts

Thank you to Melon’s House Party for partnering with me on the best podcasts of all time post.

Heather Brown helps busy mamas of young littles who are caught in the hustle to find encouragement in their journey to true health, from the inside out, starting with the heart. Read her journey of learning to live a life well-loved HERE!

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