Leyton is 3 Months Old!

My Life Well Loved: Leyton 3 Months Old


You are 3 months old, baby! By now, you have probably come to realize that your mommy is usually running late. So it’s no surprise your month marker letters are a bit behind schedule. 😉 This past month you have become more vocal…marveling at your own voice. Sometimes you act like it surprises you when you realize that noise is coming from you. Each month you seem to smile, lock eyes and be interested in us more and more and it brings us SO much joy when you do!

My Life Well Loved: Leyton 3 Months Old

Your Momma Mackey always tells us that we have it so easy with you because you are such a good baby. Apparently, I was a terror as a kid and didn’t sleep through the night so early like you do! When you fuss, there’s almost always a reason we can quickly pinpoint and solve for you. You have no idea how much we appreciate that.

My Life Well Loved: Leyton 3 Months Old

You can sit up now and hold your head up although you are still pretty quickly going to topple over or slide down. You are also great at standing on our laps and bearing weight on your legs. A fun game we play is to pull you up by your arms and sing a little song before you get lowered back down. And speaking of games, you are ENAMORED by the sailor’s decorative mirror in your nursery that hangs above your changing table. You kick your legs like a wild man when it catches your eye. After you get your diaper changed, you and I play Peek A Boo in the mirror and you smile so big!!

My Life Well Loved: Leyton 3 Months Old

You love smiling at the fan still, watched mommy celebrate her 30th birthday, and took your first road trip! You went to Nashville to visit our friends the Ivy’s and met your soon to be best friend, Langston, who is only a few weeks younger than you.

My Life Well Loved: Leyton 3 Months Old

Aunt Janelle came to meet you for the first time and spent all weekend with you and I while Daddy went to DC to be in a wedding. Aunt Janelle is almost as smitten over you as we are and we drug you all over Birmingham with us…out to dinner with friends, shopping and working out. You were so good to let us do all that!

My Life Well Loved: Leyton 3 Months Old

3 Month Old Baby Stats:

  • Sleep: You are sleeping through the night. We are elated that we put you to bed between 8:30-9 pm and you usually wake up ready to eat around 7:30 am.
  • Eating: You eat every 3 hours during the day and are fed exclusively breast milk. You went up from 4 oz to 5 oz this month at each feeding. We loosely follow Moms on Call.
  • Bath Time: You still love bath time and only start to cry when we suction you out with the nose frida.
  • You are now able to stay in tummy time for a bit longer without crying and can easily lift your head and legs. You are working towards your roll over on a flat surface. Right now, you can do it on the couch cushion which gets your momentum going!
  • Loves: You have found your fingers and you’re not looking back! You love sucking your thumb now. You still love coo’ing and playing the nose game with mom, looking at the lights, movement in the Uppababy stroller, your penguin wubanub, the rock and play, the fan and mornings with mom and dad chilling on the couch while we sip our coffee!
  • Clothes: You are wearing 0-3 month and 3 months clothes and you’ve moved onto size 2 diapers.
  • Weight: I’m not sure how much you weigh now but we have your 4 month shots soon, ouch. I’d guess around 13 lbs?

My Life Well Loved: Leyton 3 Months Old

You can read Leyton’s 1 Month and 2 Month recaps also! My baby is growing so fast…Eric and I talk about sometimes he doesn’t even look like the same baby in some of his pictures with different facial expressions because he’s changing so fast.


  1. Susan M
    December 20, 2015 / 12:27 pm

    What a fun post to come home from church to!! Leyton is our joy 🙂 And, yes, he is the best baby – almost never cries and smiles a LOT!! Even though you cried a lot as an infant, you had good reason. Your doctor passed it off as colic, even when I told him that you didn’t have the same symptoms as colic. I hate that you were miserable all that time and could have had some help before you got it. You made up for being so unhappy and suffering, though – you found joy in everything and made everyone smile and love you from infancy to this day! We love you so much! We love Leyton and are so glad that he is such a happy baby! xoxoxoxo

    • Heather
      December 20, 2015 / 1:47 pm

      Thanks so much, momma! Glad you got to enjoy some reading after church here, haha! Yes, he’s a joy for sure and I’m so glad he doesn’t have tummy problems like I did so far. xo

      • Susan M
        December 20, 2015 / 10:30 pm

        Me, too! I pray that he never develops any tummy issues!

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