Leyton is 2 Months Old!

My Life Well Loved: Leyton


We’ve been so busy lately that I’m posting this a few weeks late. You’ve been dressed up as a turtle for your first Halloween, become fascinated with your new best friend the fan (as shown below staring from our bed) and looking oh, so cute in your little sailboat outfit that is one of our favorites!

My Life Well Loved: Leyton

Your favorite time of day is bath time! We bathe you each night at 8:00 (to help with your eczema) and you kick your legs like crazy making sure to get the floor, mom and dad wet in the process. You think it’s so fun. When you first enter the water, your arms fly out and you make a surprised face and then you settle right in.

My Life Well Loved: LeytonYou are such a joy to parent because you are so happy-go-lucky even when you have colds. I’ve taken you to the doctor because you keep catching colds and sound congested off an on. They assure me everything is ok (it’s very common due to baby’s small nasal passages) and keep giving me different creams to try on your eczema. After this next round of hydrocortisone cream, if you don’t clear up in a few weeks we are going to try different things like me changing my diet. We are hopeful that you outgrow your eczema and these annoying little colds.

My Life Well Loved: LeytonYour grandparents and aunt Janelle came to meet you for the first time this month and think you are the cutest and just so sweet. No one can believe how great you are about coming everywhere with us or how you sleep through the night. You sit quietly by us in booths at restaurants in your pumpkin seat or at church. As long as we rock you or give you a paci, you just sleep right on through. We love making you a part of our life and getting to stay out and about with you by our side. We love you little bud!

2 Month Old Baby Stats:

  • Sleep: You are sleeping through the night! We are elated that we put you to bed at 9 pm and end up waking you up most mornings around 7-8 am.
  • Eating: You eat every 3 hours during the day and are fed exclusively breast milk. We did supplement some with formula but now that you sleep through the night, we don’t anymore. We loosely follow Moms on Call.
  • Bath Time: You still love bath time and only start to cry when we suction you out with the nose frida or put on your clothes.
  • You are a strong little man! Your grip can be hard to shake and you’re still working hard on lifting your head and such.
  • Loves: Being rocked and swayed by mom and dad, coo’ing and playing the nose game with mom, looking at the lights, movement in the Uppababy stroller or car, Daddy “bowling” with your car seat, your penguin wubanub, the rock and play, the fan and mornings with mom and dad chilling on the couch while we sip our coffee!
  • Clothes: Still wearing some newborn clothes but mostly 0-3  months and you’ve moved onto size 1 diapers.
  • Weight: You weigh 12 lbs 11 oz! Your thighs are starting to look a little chunky monkey…so cute!

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My Life Well Loved: Leyton

I love this Onesie and Milestone Sticker Set from Bella Tunno. Each month’s picture from now on, Leyton will wear the same onesie and all I have to do is put the sticker on the front. It should make for a special collage of photos once he’s one year old. 🙂

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  1. Susan M
    November 9, 2015 / 10:51 pm

    Loved reading this, your love for Leyton and his cuteness shining through. This will be so wonderful to re-read for years to come for us and for Leyton! Love you all! <3

    • Heather
      November 9, 2015 / 10:56 pm

      Totally agree–I hope it’s really special for years to come. Love you 🙂 And thank you!

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