One Year Old Gift Ideas: The Best Gifts A Baby Will Love

The Ultimate Gift Guide for a 1 Year Old by Life + Style blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

I was on the hunt for the best gifts to give to a 1 year old, for baby Finn’s birthday, and y’all came through with some incredible recommendations. You can read my letter to Finn on his birthday here – To Finn: A Letter To My One Year OldWhether you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift, this list includes ideas in all price ranges for all different times of the year! Now let’s get to the best gift ideas for a 1 year old!

1. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car

2. Ball Pit And Balls

3. Munchkin Snack Cups

4. Adidas Shoes

5. Nike Running Shoes

6. Carter’s Girl Playwear Set

7. Click N’ Play Cellphone, Remote and Keys

8. Carter’s Boy Playwear Set

9. Kyte Baby Sleep Sack

10. Step2 Water Table

11. Freshly Picked Moccasins

12. Baby Bootie // Baby Finn has in size 18 months.

13. Black Suede Bootie // 18 months

14. Tan Suede Bootie // 18 months.

15. Zebra Pocket Tee //

16. Zebra Footie // 18 months.

17. Cozy Fleece Hoodie // 18 months.

18. Cozy Cuff Pant // 18 months.

19. Pocket Jogger // 18 months.

20. Foot Rattles

21. Joy Comes In The Morning Onesie

22. The Aubie Onesie

Your Most Recommended Baby Gift Ideas:

  • All the books but honestly my son got so much from others that we didn’t get him a ton. @abeltz930
  • Little tykes car or truck. Water table. Fisher price food truck. Mini slide for outdoors. @batsdale88
  • Building blocks! We have some that are foam-is from my 5yo’s 1st bday. They still play with them! @meanmo136
  • We are making James a play tent for his bday next month! @emilyjfry
  • Nugget!! @dcrotts
  • Artifact Uprising baby board book with family pictures/ names. @laurabunce03
  • Y Bike! @mrs.rebeccaneal
  • Zoo memberships. @mrsaudreynmiller
  • Ball pit. @danyellavelle
  • Anywhere chair from Pottery Barn was a fave! @inthiscrzylife
  • Cozy Coupe, Anywhere Chair, Ball Pit, Slide. @morganmillerblog
  • Scout!!! @kelseyhughes @signfairybham
  • Pop up! They are so cute! @ga_latimer
  • Water table, Melissa and Doug shopping cart, kitchen. @akhackney90
  • We bought a nice pottery barn chair with her name embroidered. Lasted 3 years. @jessie_lynn_mills
  • Snuggles. They won’t need big because they won’t remember. @mssam0305
  • My girl loved the TV remote, so 1 thing we got her was a universal remote control. @rebecca.simmons.ross
  • Water table. @jilliankate9029
  • My grandpa gave me a jar of 1995 air for my first birthday, and every subsequent year too. @Olivia.duca
  • We are doing a water table and a “my first purse”… not sure what else yet. @lkpendell
  • I’m getting a little ball pit for my granddaughter. @joysfromjesus
  • Personalized name stool. @klhobson
  • Personalized name book. @klhobson
  • Water table! @ayadboggs
  • Odin Parker anything, amazon ball pit and we’re getting him a teepee because he loves hiding @sarahblaire
  • Ball pit! @carly_demuth
  • I started giving more “experiences” not things… zoo/ aquarium tickets, etc. @savannahspraggins
  • And all the stuffed animal! That’s when our babe really started cuddling and snuggling! @cristinazier
  • Books! So many books! Singing books too. @cristinazier
  • A ball pit! Got it from A amazon & it’s a hit! Grandparents did a slide to go with it. @ taratkins07
  • Puzzle with name. @mollyjanelle
  • I actually did a diaper raffle for my son’s first birthday. Why not? They still need them at 1. @Allison_rae_16
  • A customized name puzzle! @madeleinehall6
  • Moonlite stories, Ikea kitchen, water table, pbkids chair. @lacey_blackwell
  • Radio flyer my first 2 in 1 wagon. @allieraeden
  • Play kitchen they can stand at, with play food they can cut! @rebeccalsiewert
  • Water table, musical instrument set, board books, wooden blocks. @mrshannahbaggott
  • Those big cardboard bricks! Mine both loved them from 9 months and still do at 4! @emilybdenton
  • Nuggets, get 2. @bripek
  • Water table. @kris32181
  • Zoo pass. @elise488
  • Cozy coupe kitchen or grill pottery barn anywhere chair. @annasburns
  • Montessori climbing toys. @naturally_douglas
  • Bedtime theme: fav bath soap, new larger kid towel, new larger sleep sack, picture book. @parishamanda
  • First Toys Hit ’n’ Roll. @paulapyt
  • Munchkin snack cups. @lyssamarielynn
  • Melissa and Doug pounding tower. @brittinyrussell
  • Since everyone else gifted toys, I got my oldest a monogrammed Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One. He uses it as a toy bag for travel or an overnight bag for the grandparents. It’s a bite big still but he can carry it himself. We also got him a monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids rolling suitcase. @thatstheowllife
  • Leapfrog Learning Friends Words Book.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for a 1 Year Old by Life + Style blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

Heather Brown helps busy mamas of young littles who are caught in the hustle to find encouragement in their journey to true health, from the inside out, starting with the heart. Read her journey of learning to live a life well-loved HERE!

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