Light Margaritas

Light Margarita

 Do you love the taste of margaritas but hate the high calories from this incredible frosty beverage? I was right there with you until I whipped up this batch last week. I made them last weekend when we had a little Mexican Fiesta with this sweet friend (who has guest posted for us before) and her husband. We were in charge of making a lighter version of margaritas so I immediately started scouring Pinterest.

I had tried the SkinnyGirl margaritas before, but wanted to save a little money so decided to try to make them myself. I’ve also tried other friends’ lighter version of margaritas and just didn’t really think they were that flavorful. My solution? Add lots more fresh limes and an orange to the mix! So after browsing multiple recipes, here are the ingredients I settled on (Triple Sec not pictured): Light Margaritas Ingredients: 1 Crystal Light margarita pouch 8 c cold water for Crystal Light Ice 8 shots tequila 4 shots triple sec Few splashes of diet lemon/lime soda 5 limes 1 large orange Salt for rim if desired Directions: Pour 1 packet of Crystal Light margarita flavor into a pitcher. Add water, ice, tequila, triple sec, and diet lemon soda. Roll limes and orange vigorously on countertop to get the most juice out. Cut limes in half and twist fork inside to get juice. Slice orange and do the same thing, squeezing everything out of the limes and orange you can. Make sure you taste and add more of each ingredient as needed. You may want to save out 1/4 of a lime to rub over edges of glasses to coat with salt. Enjoy! Light margarita ingredientsAnd, there you have it! A less than 200 cals/serving margarita. Even my hubs who doesn’t really like lighter tasting foods or beverages approved. Cheers to a frosty margarita!

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  1. July 3, 2014 / 7:35 am

    That looks really refreshing, great recipe!!

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