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What’s Happening Now: March 2014

Sometimes Mondays are tough, ok, a lot of times Mondays are tough. It’s a real downer to have to get up early, reset your clock from the weekend, and not play outside in beautiful weather all day because basically the weekend usually rocks! Here’s a few things I’ve been thinking about , watching or doing lately that will hopefully help your Monday Morning Blues & fill you in on what’s happening now in my life (well loved!). ;)

Pavement & Pearls Tank from Ignite Girls

  • I am partnering with Ignite Girls Fitness for a virtual 5k! If you sign up here, they send you a FREE Training Guide for a 5k. Super helpful! They sent me this cute new shirt that I’m pretty obsessed with. I love anything in this color family! Oh! and also…those pants in the pic. Obsessed. They’re from a new-to-me workout line, Kira Grace. We now sell them at Pure Barre and I’m a fan!

hangers and organizing on my life well loved

  • I am trying to be an organizing fiend right now! My sweet friend Sydney came over and helped me clean out 2 closets this weekend. It was SUCH a big help. She insisted I throw out ALL these metal hangers and only keep the plastic ones. Between the hubs and I we gave away 10 BAGS of clothes, shoes, and accessories! Holy cow…I had been holding onto things WAY past their prime. It definitely feels good to open my closet doors and not feel stressed. This weekend I’ve also gotten out my summer clothes (yea!), put away my winter clothes, mopped the floors, washed our sheets, taken the giveaway clothes to Hanna Home, and done all my laundry. Feeling so accomplished!

Lexus SUV RX350

  • You may remember me posting about having to kiss my 10 year old car goodbye a few weeks ago. I’m so thankful to so many of you reaching out to me on Twitter, leaving comments, and letting me know what cars you have loved. I drove home this beauty 2 weeks ago and am in love. She’s so pretty, but it’s definitely taking some getting used to! My old car didn’t even have a capability to play music from my iphone.

Friends on My Life Well Loved


Yazoo Brewery

  • I was so incredibly thankful to get to go to Nashville last weekend to meet up with these precious college friends and their hubs. These fab girls were in our wedding and we always have a great time when we’re with them. My friend, Rachael has her own blog which you can check out! Let her know I sent you. The hubs and I also got to meet up with his parents at Yazoo Brewery (they just happened to be in Nashville the same weekend on business, crazy!) which was lots of fun.

tennis in Florida on My Life Well Loved

  • I’m still really enjoying playing tennis with Baseline Birmingham. Check them out if you want to get better. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned already (and yet how far I still have to go!) Image via my Pinterest

Sarah Drew Grey's Anatomy Kepner

  • I got to see an early screening of Mom’s Night Out that stars Sarah Drew from Grey’s Anatomy. eMeals is partnering with the movie, so it was fun to get to go see it. Sarah is a believer in real life and plays a mom blogger in the movie. Check out how she struggles with Christianity and success in Hollywood in this article. People tell me that Sarah Drew reminds them of me, but I can’t really see it.


More information coming up on my newest blog sponsor (Briefton’s) soon!

  • I have also been working my booty off the past couple of weeks doing some social media consulting and other blogging projects I’m really excited about. To read a little bit more about my social media consulting, you can check out this page. Let me know if I can help you and your brand!

So…..what’s going on in your life these days? Anything I can be praying for you about? Would love to hear!

Heather Brown helps busy mamas of young littles who are caught in the hustle to find encouragement in their journey to true health, from the inside out, starting with the heart. Read her journey of learning to live a life well-loved HERE!

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