10 Things I Love About Being a Girl Mom

10 Things I Love About Being a Girl Mom // #girlmom #momblogger #momlife #boymom

Friends, welcome Laura to the blog! She is my dear blogging friend and girl mom to her sweet daughter, Leighton! If you’ve been around here for long, you will remember her from our trip to 30A this past summer! She is sharing 10 things she loves about being a girl mom and you can hop on over to HER blog to read 10 things I love about being a boy mom!

Hey y’all! I’m Laura, and I blog over at Walking in Memphis in High Heels. My sweet friend Heather and I have teamed up today to share what we like most about being a boy/ girl mom. I have one daughter, Leighton, and she just turned 4 last week. And since Heather just recently had her second little boy, we thought this would be the perfect time to share 10 reasons we love being a mom of boys or girls. = )

1.) I love Leighton’s sensitivity. I’m pretty sensitive (but wasn’t always patient.) Leighton has taught me how to be patient, especially when it comes to kids. She has reminded me that sometimes she might just be having a bad day (like the rest of us) or need a hug. I love that she has that sensitive side. And on days when she’s just not feeling it or even sick, I get even more cuddles than normal because she needs her mama. = ) And I could totally be wrong, but I feel like if I had a son, he wouldn’t get shy and have me carry him!

2.) Shopping with my mini. I don’t discriminate when it comes to buying clothing, but goodness do I love shopping for something with ruffles, bows and dresses. It’s just so much fun. Leighton has really got into shopping and what she wears lately and loves to have quite the say in it. I love that we can do this together and express our personalities by our sense of style.

3.) Doing each other’s hair. Leighton has started liking to brush my hair and even to try to braid it for me. She tries so hard to braid, and it just makes me smile. It makes her feel like a big girl, and I love that she cares so much and let her know how good of a job she is doing.

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4.) Don’t judge me, but I totally love the girl toys! You’re never too old to play with Barbies, right?? It’s so much fun watching her imagination when she plays and even joining in with her. It’s also so nostalgic buying her a Barbie or Polly Pocket or My Little Pony. Not only do I just love seeing her excitement as she plays with them in her doll house, but it reminds me of how magical it was for me as a child. I cherish those moments with her.

5.) The room décor. It was SO much fun decorating Leighton’s nursery and then even more fun decorating her toddler room. I can’t wait as she gets older to see what she starts liking. Right now we have a unicorn theme, and I think it’s so much fun decorating a room that honestly I wish was mine. = )

6.) Twinning. I honestly should have listed this as number 1 because I will never grow tired of it. I wonder how long I can get away with us matching before she tells me it’s not cool anymore. I’ll report back. = )

7.) Dancing, gymnastics, cheerleading. Give me all the girl things. So far Leighton seems to really love dancing and doing gymnastics. I’m excited to see if she still likes it when she gets older, and if she does, you better believe I’ll be right there helping her and watching her at games and competitions.

8.) I am always her mom first, but I love feeling like I have a mini BFF. And I hope that bond just grows even more as she gets older. I honestly feel like I’m raising my best friend some days.

9.) Girl talk. Right now it’s all about boots and bows and dresses and rainbows, but one day it will be about school and jobs and boys and friends. And I’m so excited to get to be a part of her life through all of this.

10.) Raising her to be a good person. I want to teach her to be confident yet humble, strong yet gentle, loving, forgiving, empathetic, hard working, adventurous and most importantly a Christian. I already think she has such a good heart and is so polite. Yet she can also be a little firecracker and let you know exactly what she thinks. I’m glad that she is confident in who she is. That’s the great thing about kids. They don’t really start to doubt themselves until other people do. But I hope she never does. I hope she always believes in herself and doesn’t lose her imagination, creativity, sense of wonder and confidence.

Thanks to Heather for letting me guest post today! If you have a girl, I would love to hear your favorite reasons for being a girl mom. And I would love if you popped on over to my blog to read Heather’s post and say hi over at Walking in Memphis in High Heels.

10 Things I Love About Being a Girl Mom // #girlmom #momblogger #momlife #boymom

10 Things I Love About Being a Girl Mom // #girlmom #momblogger #momlife #boymom

10 Things I Love About Being a Girl Mom // #girlmom #momblogger #momlife #boymom

10 Things I Love About Being a Girl Mom // #girlmom #momblogger #momlife #boymom

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10 Things I Love About Being a Girl Mom // #girlmom #momblogger #momlife #boymom

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