021: Surviving Divorce, Church Hurt & Depression With Ashley Terkeurst

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Hey friends! Fair warning: this episode can be triggering as it discusses divorce, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

According to Ashley Terkeurst, “You can’t heal what you don’t feel,” and boy, isn’t that the truth! Ashley went through it ALL and fell into a dark place in the process. After facing divorce, losing touch with her dad and her friends, and more, Ashley was at rock bottom. She is not the only person to deal with tribulations in her life, but she had it rough for a few years. The point is if she can recover and find the light again, so can YOU!

Ashley, a dear friend for many years, fellow social media influencer, and sister in Christ survived a divorce, a rocky relationship with a God she loves so much, and deep depression. She opens up for the first time publicly about her heart and her walk with the Lord to show what He has taught her throughout these difficult seasons. Her message is that even though your circumstances may seem impossible right now, God is GOOD, and He will see you through it! I am so honored she chose to share this story with you and me.

Listen in for Ashley’s raw story. I hope you’ll be inspired by her strength and faith!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Being at rock bottom and finding your way back
  • The lessons Ashley learned during her time of grief
  • How to talk with someone who has felt hurt by the church
  • What Ashley would tell women who have a hard time relating to God
  • What Ashley does to lift her mood

Resources from this Episode:

Ashley’s Spotify Worship Music Playlist

Surrendered by One House Worship

I’ll Give Thanks by Housefires 

The Life Recovery Workbook for Grief: A Bible-Centered Approach for Taking Your Life Back

Onsite Workshops

Enneagram Blog Post

The Jump Into January 21 Day Coaching Program!

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