Top 21 Best Products On Amazon To Shop During The Amazon Prime Day 2021 Sale

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I was wondering what I should keep my eye out for when shopping the Amazon Prime Day 2021 sale that is right around the corner on Monday and Tuesday, June 21 and 22. CLICK HERE for the scoop on Amazon Prime Day! When I was thinking about what to purchase, I looked up what YOUR top purchased items have been so far this year on Amazon! I found so many awesome products in this list… y’all always know the best Prime finds!

While I don’t know for sure if these items will be on sale next week, I wanted to send you a shopping list that you can save and check on, in case you are interested in buying any of these awesome items! Make sure you CLICK HERE if you want to get all of the best deals sent straight to your inbox! OR, if email isn’t your thing, you can sign up for my text insiders girl gang HERE to get lightening deals and exclusive content sent to your phone!

Your Top 21 Amazon Finds From 2021 So Far

1. H Band Sandals // Designer look a like sandals for UNDER $20 + PRIME shipping! They are available in a few colors and sizes sell fast! Fit TTS. Here are some ways I styled them!

2. One Piece Swimsuit // This mom-friendly, mixed pattern swimsuit is only $30 and available in several colors! It fits TTS, I’m wearing size small. Click HERE for tons of other mom friendly swimsuits including one pieces and bikinis!

3. Aviators // Love the aviator style but not the nose pieces that always get caught in your hair?? Same, girl! These still give you that same aviator style but without the nose pieces. Use code: HEATHER20 for 20% off my necklace.

4. Iconic Protein Powder // My FAVORITE protein powder! Sugar free, low carb, gluten free – and tastes AMAZING. It’s available in 3 delicious flavors! Check out my coffee protein smoothie recipe HERE!

5. Turntable // These turntables have been a GAME CHANGER for my cabinet organization! I love to store my vitamins, supplements and anything else that can easily get lost in my cabinets. Click HERE for my best tips for organizing your pantry.

6. Reduce Water Jug // This 50 oz. water jug helps me get my water intake for the day! It’s also available in several fun colors! Join me in my water challenge!

7. No Show Undies // 6 pack of no show undies for only $10. WHAT?! One of my favorite Amazon purchases and has insane reviews!

8. Car Mount Phone Holder // I LOVE this phone holder and for only $25!!! I got the vent style car mount.

9. Celsius // These Celsius on-the-go energy packets are an essential especially for running kiddos around! I really love the canned Celsius too! My daily go-to clean energy drinks are the GO energy packets – use code: 2256749 for $10 off your first order!

10. Silicone Baking Mats // Over 66k 4+ star reviews on these silicone baking mats! 2 pack for only $13 + PRIME shipping! You can shop all of my favorite Amazon kitchen essentials HERE!

11. NYX Butter Gloss // This butter gloss is ALWAYS an MLWL best seller! It’s ONLY $4 and looks so pretty! I get the shades Angel Food Cake and Creme Brulee.

12. Distressed Denim Shorts // THE Amazon shorts! These denim shorts are available in SEVERAL washes and are highly rated! I love to pack mine for a cute beach outfit with a fun tank or even running the kiddos around! Fit TTS, wearing size small.

13. Roll Up Sun Hat // My friends turned me onto this adorable sun hat! It’s ONLY $20, PRIME shipping and available in several colors!

14. NutPods code: MYLIFEWELLLOVED for 15% off // My favorite coffee creamer! It’s dairy-free, low cal and zero sugar per serving – but still tastes AMAZING!

15. Bed Sheets // The ONLY bed sheets Eric will sleep on! The reviews are INSANE and on SALE for $31!

16. ONE Protein Bars // UNDER 5 ingredients + low carb! These are great for FASTer Way To Fat Loss too – Click HERE to join me in the next round of FWTFL starting June 21st!

17. Glow Kids Book // This book helps you learn how screen time is hijacking our kids and how we can break the trance. You can read all about my heart behind instilling social media boundaries for us and our kids HERE!

18. Solar Buddies // Easily apply SPF on fussy kids!

19. The Beginner’s Bible // The boys love The Beginner’s Bible! They also have and love this devotional and The Storybook Bible. My Bible is linked HERE and my favorite devotionals: New Morning Mercies and Embraced.

20. Statement Earrings // These are super cute to wear out on date night, girl’s night out or even with your favorite summer outfit! They’re available in several colors and ONLY $10!

21. No Show Socks // No show socks that stay put while working out and ONLY $17 for 8 pairs!!! I also really love these Lululemon socks!

Honorable Mentions:

Cross Earrings // These earrings are SO cute and would make a great gift! ONLY $12 + PRIME SHIPPING!

Folex // The ULTIMATE carpet spot remover…an essential for us mamas especially boy mamas LOL!

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