18 Weeks

18 weeksHow far along? 18 Weeks. Baby is about 5 1/2 inches from head to rump. Clearly from this photo, the spring sun was out and bright after church on Sunday! In case you missed last week, here’s my 17 week report!

Weight gain: 10 lbs

Maternity clothes? I am LOVING my Pink Blush maternity jeans! They are my new staple. I have some preggo outfit posts coming your way soon, so stay tuned! I also ordered a couple of pairs of elastic waisted printed pants for the summer for work that can sit below the baby bump.

Stretch marks? No, but I have started using my Basq oils and stretch mark cream religiously!

Other Body Changes: So bizarre to look at my stomach and not identify with the same stomach I’ve seen in the mirror for 29 years. I’ve had people start to tell me they can tell I look pregnant while others keep saying, they can barely tell. Well, I can certainly tell, ha! It depends a lot on what I wear how pregnant I look it seems.

Sleep: Vivid dreams are pretty commonplace again. Sleeping with my pretty Bumpnest is making sleep much better.

Best moment this week:  Date night with the hubs tonight. We went to J. Alexander’s and then out to Pale Eddie’s to hear Danielle Davis and Rockstar play.

Miss Anything? A cocktail would have been nice while listening to music tonight with the hubs.

Movement: Not yet-should be coming soon!

Food cravings: Sugar is my arch nemesis. I have to have something sweet at least once a day. Sometimes multiple times. 🙁

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Gender: boy

Symptoms: A couple of nights during Pure Barre I am really noticing myself getting out of breath getting up and down. It also feels like lots of things are shifting and feeling weird in my muscles during Pure Barre classes.

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: Anxious…ready for Ireland, house hunting, job searching for the hubs…lots of big things coming up!
Baby is the size of: a sweet potato

Looking forward to: My big checkup appointment next week with the 20 week ultrasound.
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