Easy 5 Minute Updo for the Mom on the Go

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Today is the day! Y’all asked for my easy 5 minute updo but now that you see it, you’ll probably be like “Oh, that’s all?! It doesn’t even deserve it’s own tutorial.” Ha! I think we all know as a mom of a toddler or any busy lady for that matter, you don’t always have the time to do your hair.

In fact, it happens more often to me than I’d like to admit. It’s one thing to get up, go to workout and not have to do your hair but sometimes an event gets sprung on you…

And you soon find yourself running with your 5 day old hair, yoga pants, and no-makeup self to the shower with the time to sprint through the water for about 4 minutes flat and call it a shower.

On those kind of days, this little low side bun in my go-to! This is for sure my fake it till you make it hair do. In fact, if you want my extra dirty little secret, sometimes I only wash the front part of my hair in the sink if I don’t have time to get in the shower…yikes, I know! That’s only in severe scenarios though.

Easy 5 Minute Up Do:

Step 1: On damp hair, apply a small amount of Quenching + Coconut Curls frizz defying curl styling milk in palm, rub hands together then apply evenly to surface of damp hair working through to ends.

Step 2: OPTIONAL: Blow dry your bangs to smooth them out.

Step 3: Gather hair at nape of neck or off to side (depending  if you want your low bun in the back or to the side, and twist hair into a bun.

Step 4: Take bobby pins and splay out pieces to the side (to make your bun lay out wider instead of going out like a tail straight out, ha!), bobby pinning the bun into place. You can run your hands through it to make it slightly messier.

Step 5: Mist Nourishing + Coconut Oil Weightless Hydrating Oil Mist all over finished style for optimal hydration and shine.

See? Wasn’t that 5 minute updo SO easy?!

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5 Minute Updo for the busy mom on the go that is both chic and timeless from Birmingham, AL blogger Heather of MyLifeWellLoved.com // Curly Hair Tutorial


5 Minute Updo for the busy mom on the go that is both chic and timeless from Birmingham, AL blogger Heather of MyLifeWellLoved.com // Curly Hair Tutorial

What’s your go to quick 5 minute updo?!

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