The Top 15 Popular Blog Posts You Loved In 2019

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2019 brought about so much inspired content from Y’ALL! I truly have to pause and say THANK YOU for the many ideas, post requests, and writing prompts you gave me. I love being able to write articles and produce content that serves YOU!

The most popular blog posts on My Life Well Loved ranged widely in topics – everything from fashion, to motherhood, to healthy living, and several things in between!

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But before you hop over to the survey, check out YOUR most popular blog posts below! Which one was your favorite? 

Your Most Popular Blog Posts In 2019:

#15 // The Best Cozy Fashion Must Haves On Amazon – Look no further than Amazon Prime for all the coziest and comfiest finds. I have #6 and wear it all the time with leggings! It is true to size (size small) and perfect for #BOOTYCOVERAGE!

#14 // How To Track Macros When Eating Out – You can still enjoy date night or a family dinner out and stay on track with your goals with all my best tips! Click this post to read how! If you are ready to sign up for FWTFL, click HERE!

#13 // 50+ Trader Joe’s Favorites You Can’t Live Without – The items I always add to my shopping cart and what YOU recommended I try! From healthy options to splurge-worthy treats, it is all listed here! For other posts on Trader Joe’s, click HERE!

#12 // My Thoughts On My Postpartum Body At 9 Months Postpartum – I got pretty raw and real in this heartfelt post about showing yourself kindness, grace, and love. It is a learning process to appreciate your body for everything it’s capable of and a process I am happy to take the journey with you on!

 #11 // The Ultimate FWTFL Q&A – Who is ready to get back on track after the holidays? One of your favorite posts this year was this one answering all your FAQs about FWTFL! Everything you need to know about getting started with Faster Way To Fat Loss is HERE!

#10 // Top 10 Amazon Favorites Under $50 – Over the summer we talked all about the Amazon essentials you won’t regret purchasing! I have several of these items and use some on a daily basis!

The best breast pumps and must-have breastfeeding accessories by mommy life + style Alabama blogger, Heather Brown, at My Life Well Loved // #mommy #momlife #breastfeeding #breastpumps #nursingaccessories #nursing #fedisbest

#9 // The Best Breast Pumps + Breastfeeding Accessories – What a journey 2019 was with breastfeeding! So many of you loved my posts about breastfeeding, including this one with my thoughts on my favorite products + pumps I used with Baby Finn. 

Top 11 Target Fall Fashion Favorites by Life + Style blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

#8 // Top 11 Target Fall + Winter Fashion Finds – Who doesn’t love TARGET? This past fall I shared all of my favorite fashion finds from Target to get you through the fall and winter. 

Sharing my 5 favorite macro friendly Starbucks drinks plus recommendations from readers by Alabama Lifestyle Blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

#7 // 5 Macro Friendly Starbucks Drinks – Enjoy your favorite Starbucks drinks and still stay on track with your macros! Sound too good to be true? I promise it’s not! Click HERE to read how I order my favorite drinks to make them fit my macros!

Top 22 Best Tops To Wear With Leggings This Fall By Life + Style Blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

#6 // Top 22 Best Tops To Wear With Leggings – I searched my closet to share with you the BEST tops I own that give you booty coverage… then tried them ALL on. Yes, my room was a disaster after! 😉 Click HERE to see photos of me wearing them all and links to shop!

The best foods to increase milk supply + a lactation cookie recipe by mommy life + style blogger, Heather Brown, at My Life Well Loved // #breastfeeding #nursing #milksupply #lactationcookies #recipe

#5 // Foods To increase Milk Supply + No Bake Lactation Cookie Recipe – In this post, I gave you all my best tips + suggestions to boost your milk supply. From products I used, to things I did daily, to a recipe for lactation cookies, this post covers just about everything!

Our take on Moms On Call by Alabama Lifestyle & Mommy Blogger, Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved

#4 // How We Do Moms On Call To Sleep Train The Boys – In this post, I shared how Eric and I used/currently use the Mom’s On Call method for sleep training! You can click HERE to get all the details about what it is!

17 Ways to Style Your Spanx Faux Leather Leggings by Alabama lifestyle + fashion blogger My Life Well Loved // #spanxleggings // #spanxfauxleatherleggings // #topstowearwithleggings // #shirtsforleggings

#3 // 40+ Ways To Style Your Spanx Faux Leather Leggings – Raise your hand if you own a pair of Spanx Leggings?Wear your Spanx Leggings every day with this massive list of new ways to style them!

Whole30 Week 1 - Heather Brown // My Life Well Loved #whole30 #whole30mealplan #healthyeating

#2 // An Easy, Doable, and Affordable Whole30 Weekly Meal Plan – Don’t be intimidated by Whole30! Use this free meal plan to get you started! If you want to join me for Whole30 + FWTFL on January 1st, be sure to follow along on Instagram!

Sharing my favorite Lululemon Dupes by Heather Brown at My Life Well Loved // #fashion #budgetfashion #dupes

#1 // 11 Lululemon Dupes That Will Shock You – In true My Life Well Loved fashion, the post you LOVED the most was all about finding a good deal! This post shares the BEST Lululemon look-alikes without the price tag! 

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    Survey completed! I love your blog so much and love it even more that you are constantly looking for ways to improve and help others. Thank you for all that you do.

    • January 2, 2020 / 2:02 pm

      I love how down to earth and humble you are! Special gift to have and definitely love watching you and your gorgeous family! I would love to watch more on how to build a constant routine with two kids under 5. Also, would love to see what the kids eat in a day type of post. Also what different type of activities to do with a 1 year old and how to balance having two under 5 years old. Loving all the positivity and encouragement post. Please keep those coming and more. I love seeing them as they always change my mood and honestly helps me get through my day so much better. So thank you for that, I really so appreciate it. You have turned some of my dark days into happiness days, with being appreciated to be alive!!!! Been following for a while now and I honestly love your whole home and family Dynamic! Beautiful family!!! Can’t wait to what MLWL has this new year!!!
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    Did your survey !! I think your content now is great and love what you do and post. My favorite things are recipes, everyday life being a mom and tackling all that you have to do and daily sales!! Maybe some recipes that you feed the boys as well for picky eaters that are healthy would be a good post!

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    And thanks for posting about Safe + Fair cake batter granola and blondes. It’s a new stable! ?

  47. Amber
    January 2, 2020 / 7:32 pm

    Survey complete! You are such a blessing! I love reading your blog. You first and foremost point people to Jesus. And you’re real. You show people the good, not so good, and everything in between. Thank you for letting your light shine.

    And thanks for posting about Safe + Fair cake batter granola and blondes. It’s a new stable!

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